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Y1: Year of birth? Earliest reported was 1916, and he was 5 when he first j/o'd. A guy born in 1938 first j/o'd in 1941, the youngest. Longest wait for first j/o was 1927-43. Latest reported was 1953, but he didn't say when he first j/o'd. Only 23 gave answers.

Y2: Year of first j/o?

1. I was 13. I was obsessed with masturbation that year and longed to have someone to masturbate with. I would masturbate at school with my hands in my pockets. I would stop off after school and masturbate in the bushes, spilling my sperm on the sand. I would take walks into the desert, take off all my clothes, and take my cock in my hands, and masturbate naked in the sun.

2. I first jacked off and had a dry cum when I was about 7 or 8---played with myself from time to time, but because a regular j/o freak at about 11, when I began to sprout my first cock hairs and to juice a little. After I shot my first load at about age 12, I jacked off like a monkey. BD


Y3: Years of greatest j/o activity?

1. Starting in 1965 and continuing. MP

2. Right now. VW

3. As active now as I ever was. WB

4. About mid-30's. CC

5. Age 16-20 about 2-3 times every day! Now at 39 about once every day. AC

6. That's difficult to pin down because I've jacked off all my life. I suppose my teen years were the ones with the greatest j/o action, but there were YEARS of jacking off usually twice a day. TD

7. Short answers: 16, 18, 17-19, 18-31, 18, 15 on, 19, 32 or 33, 34, 17, 14, 20, 14-15, still working on it (at 55).

Y4: Religion practiced in youth?

1. Decline to answer. Should not be asked. NK

2. Some, not regularly. WB

3. None in early years. Catholic convert at about age of 18, an affiliation that lasted for about 10 years before being abandoned. TD

4. Catholic (written 4 times).

5. Protestant/Jewish/None (each written 2 times).

6. Anglican/Bahai/Baptist/Neutral/Lutheran/Presbyterian (each written 1 time).


Y5: How did you j/o for the first time?

1. I can't remember. I've often thought about that, and I wish I could. DS

2. On the toilet, stroking it the way I do now, but I didn't know how to prolong it. MP

3. A sore dick. MW

4. By accident in the shower. I was well soaped up, the soap was all over my cock. I kept rubbing until I came. NK

5. My cousin showed me in his bedroom when we were teenagers. NR

6. On toilet. RF

7. Barely touched and shot load. DO

8. With thumb, only later with fingers. EM

9. Friend said that if I jerked on my cock long enough I'd make milk. I was delighted and fascinated---just like a cow! So I jerked and jerked, but then it felt so funny that I stopped---I must be doing something in the wrong way, but since I was only 8, nothing came. JO

10. Hands. JD

11. With closed fist, I think. I only used my spit as a lubricant. WB

12. A guy showed how. CC

13. Instructed. PS

14. I used to roll up my pajama waistband and ride on it. Then I would wad up a handkerchief and rub my hard dick until it "came," even though no juice appeared until exactly age 12. On the day of my 12th birthday I "became a man" because I shot a load of cum all over my hand while jacking off my hot beating cock. It would get so hard at night I would have to beat it to get to sleep, but that night for some reason I went to the john and beat off there. Good thing, because when it came I was so surprised there was juice that I had a real load to clean up. AC

15. I think by playing with it. VG

16. Cousin pulled me off. BM

17. By hand. I never had wet dreams when I was a teenager; I was in my 20's when I had my first such dream. I discovered j/o while in high school. In a shower one day a boy ran his hand up and down his prick and looked "funny." I really didn't know, but later I tried it at home myself and scared hell out of myself when I came. I rarely mentioned it to anyone, but I continued to j/o by myself. TN

18. I was twelve and half, and one summer afternoon I was up in a tree with a friend who was a little younger than I. We got into a session of playing with each other, and all of a SUDDEN I dropped my first load of semen! It was an unexpected and astounding happening! I was really startled, because I was still very innocent about sex at that point. I just knew next to nothing, except that it felt good to play with my prick. In my mind's eye I can still see the blobs of semen falling to the ground. I knew that it FELT fabulous, and I really liked it. That was my first ejaculation, and it developed into the most glorious of life-long habits! Nothing else has ever equaled it! TD

19. I was doing a yoga shoulder stand in the nude and had a nice hard-on. All of a sudden I began to feel faint and I started tingling all over. Even though I had been masturbating since I was about 8, without even touching my cock I shot my first load of hot cum all over my face. I was so turned on I started scooping all that warm juice into my mouth. It was so good that I've been addicted to my own sweet cream ever since! CD

20. A friend took me into a garage and unzipped my pants, messed around a bit to give me a hard-on, and then jacked me off. No cum, but OHHH! what a feeling (age 9). KS

21. With my hand. RA

22. My first time I jerked off in the kitchen at home. No one was there and I was wearing only my jockstrap. I used a full-fist grip and shot my load into a shot glass. I must have filled it about half full, smelled it, tasted a bit (it seemed too salty to drink), and then dumped the glass of cum into the pouch of my jock and proceeded to rub it all around. SE

23. Rubbing my frenulum between thumb and first finger. BD


Y6: Who were your first partners?

1. My best friend (who still is). MP

2. Cruising when I was 18 in public restrooms. NK

3. My cousin and a good-looking hustler I picked up, a tall blond. NR

4. First tasted school friends' come. EM

5. First tasted my own come. MP

6. When I was 12 or 13, friends much younger than I loved to play with me. JO

7. My first partners were the gang that played together as kids. WB

8. A neighbor boy; his was the first cum I tasted, about 12 years old. CC

9. First partner a cousin, first group were sailors, my own was first cum tasted. PS

10. My uncle was first, baths first group, my lover's cum first. BW

11. I had a buddy when I was 11, he was 14. I really played with him a lot, juicy. He was tall, thin, well-built, and had a perfect hot uncut cock. We built a tree house. Then one day we were in the tree house and he asked me if I ever J/Oed. Little did he know I did it twice a day and, when I got the chance, sucked any guy's cock I could get! I said "Yeah, sometimes," and we both unzipped and I gasped at his hot hard cock. He had curly black pubic hair. He groaned about how his cock hurt, it was so hard, and how hot it was. He asked me to feel it. I did. I jacked it easy, and he groaned and reached for mine. God, I nearly came with his soft touch. Oh, to do it again! Then we slowly J/Oed each other. Great! My first taste was Hank. Hank worked in a photo shop where I had my first summer job. We worked in the stockroom, and he always found a way to be there when everybody else was gone. He would get caught between the shelves with me and grope my crotch until I was hard and he knew it, then he'd ask me to unzip so he cold see it. He'd take it in his hand and J/O it, then he'd J/O himself. He was uncut and really turned me on, a single guy about 35 or so; I was 16. He never cared much whether I J/Oed him or not. I guess he liked me to "turn him on." But he came quickly if I touched his uncut cock, almost without getting hard at all. I guess the head was sensitive under all that beautiful skin. I was back at that job for two summers and enjoyed Hank a lot. AC

12. None; none; my own cum. VG

13. Cousin who was 13 years old when I was 12. Neighborhood kid and I used to play with each other's cocks when we were 8 or 9, but couldn't shoot loads. First group was unknown. First taste was my own. BM

14. My first group (three) wasn't until I was about 35. I only once j/o with a kid when I was younger. I had a friend when I was about 17; we j/o twice together. After this I never had a guy again until I was 31 and brought myself out; from 17 to 31 I j/o by myself only. I didn't taste cum until I was about 31 or 32. TN

15. The name of my first partner up in the tree was "Roger," but after that I really didn't have an awful lot of sexual play with playmates or schoolmates, although I know I really WANTED it to happen! My first group sex activity came when I was a young adult, and I remember it well! A group action which consisted of about 40 guys! I'd never seen anything like it in my life up to that time, and I remember that I was "in heat" for about three or four days afterwards! Constantly! I was probably about 23 when I first sucked off a friend and took his sperm; I was just out of the Army, and, as I remember it, I'm not sure that I liked it much. The guy was a fraternity brother and was uncircumcised (which at that time I didn't think I liked very much). He never seemed to be completely CLEAN or quite odor free, and at that time I didn't consider that too desirable, but he was in love with me and would suck me off nearly every day. TD

16. My first real sex partner was my (married) piano teacher when I was 16. My first group sex didn't happen until I first went to the baths a few years ago. The first cum I tasted was my uncle's when I was about 8 and he was about 13. CD

17. My first partners were all of my close friends, never had a group. My first taste of cum was from my friend named Bill at age 13. KS

18. School mates. RA

19. I don't remember my first partners in j/o and have not really ever had a group session. The first cum I tasted was my own, and I kept experimenting with it until I could drink my own. SE

20. My best pal, then some other kids in the same grade at school. About four of us used to jack off every day together and have contests, to see who could come first, shoot the furthest, etc. We stimulated each other by telling dirty jokes. I first tasted my own cum, then the cum of the buddy I first jacked off with. BD


Y7: Who taught you?

1. Self taught. MP  NK

2. Neighborhood boys. MW

3. My cousin; he's married now.

4. I was taught the pleasure of a good J/O by an older fellow. This fellow was a bachelor-guy that would play with us kids and help us, especially with our baseball games, teaching us the fundamentals: how to hit, how to field, pitch, etc, at a neighborhood playground. He learned of our "secret" meeting place, which was in the basement of an abandoned house that we were able to enter from a basement window at the rear, which was hidden by shrubbery. This house was not in disrepair, but the owners only lived in it a few months of each year. The basement was real nice for us to play in. It flattered us that this older guy would be interested in our "Club Room." At his third or fourth visit, he wanted to see our "peters." He fondled them, and of course they would get hard without our helping them. He showed us how to J/O by stroking our peters himself, and after another visit or two he showed us what it was like to have our peters sucked. I remember that I did not shoot off anything when I would have a climax, at first, but after a few weeks or months my cock would shoot a little thin "stuff." That, later on, because a real nice load of gissm. So that was my first introduction to J/O fun and pleasure, and it has gotten better and better ever since, as all real J/O lovers know. WB

5. A neighbor kid in a clubhouse told me how good it felt. Yes, I saw him again many times and often jacked off with him. CC

6. My cousin taught me on a garage roof, and I saw him again. PS

7. My uncle, sleeping together at my parents' home, playing around, etc. We had many sessions together. BW

8. My cousin in basement during a family party. Felt great; thought I was dying. Yes, we jacked each other a lot every time we could get alone. BM

9. It just happened as a result of general and rather innocent sex play as described in Y5. TD

10. My uncle showed me "his hand" at jacking off in the barn one afternoon. Although he was only 13, he sported a thick 6" uncut cock. He slowly massaged his juicy meat for just a couple of minutes before he came; it shot out about 5 or 6 feet! Then he "made" me get down on my knees and lick off what dripped from the cock slit. Then he "forced" me to take the head of his dick into my mouth and told me to suck and lick at the same time. He started to pump it down my throat and within a few minutes he came again, as I greedily swallowed every delicious drop. CD

11. My friend, Bill---we still turn on with each other after twenty years. KS


Y8: What did you do in j/o then that you never do now?

1. I used to jack off with my hand in my pants pocket; I loved it then. DS

2. I jacked off fast to get immediate release of cum. MP

3. At first I thought only soap should be used, and only in the bathroom. After awhile I used water or spit. Then I discovered that it was not necessary to use anything, and therefore could do it anywhere, anytime. NK

4. J/O into bedspreads. RF

5. No change. EM

6. J/O with fingers alongside cock, palm at slit, but I'd make cuts with my fingernails. JO

7. The only thing that I can think of is that when I was a kid I often "over-indulged" because I didn't know any better. WB

8. Used to put a nail in the slit of my cock, but found it painful. CC

9. Skin back: I was uncut till 17 years old. PS

10. Fantasize about good-looking guys, because I didn't really think about it then. BW

11. I used to sit back or lay back and let others beat me off, just feeling it without watching. Now I always watch and usually J/O them without any hesitation. It's better for me now to be active than passive. AC

12. Used women's clothes when available; no longer able to j/o as much. VG

13. Used to shoot into toilet. Not now. It was a waste. BM

14. I have more ways now than then. TN

15. Nothing, except that I never have the opportunity to use my mother's cold cream (Ponds) any longer! TD

16. Sometimes I'd watch my father and my older brother jack off (unfortunately not together) in the bath through a peek hole in my closet. I used to ram this big old wooden rolling pin up my ass. There was a vase just the right size for my cock and I'd grease it up and j/o into that (and then of course drink it). I also liked to sit in my window and j/o in the moonlight---secretly hoping someone outside would watch me. I even tried jacking off with Mentholatum. CD

17. Insert objects up my cock slit. It was too painful. SE

18. Speed up and try to get my rocks off as fast as possible. BD

19. Still do it the same. MB


Y9: What do you do in j/o now that you never did then?

1. My tits have become a very erotic place for me in the last six years. DS

2. J/O solo and with others for companionship and the sensation of feeling. MP

3. I use more pictorial stimulants than when I was young. NK

4. Always loved it. JN

5. Work harder. EM

6. Tease, get close without coming, prolong the action. JO

7. I now usually use a nice J/O cream which I did not know about when I was a kid. I also reach GRANDER and MORE GLORIOUS orgasms now than I did when I was a kid. The J/O FEEELLLING is BETTER all during a J/O now than it was then. WB

8. Put shit on my cock now at times, piss turns me on at times, and it takes some time to get into the piss and shit scene. We have so many hang-ups about it. CC

9. Discuss it or admit it. PS

10. I suck others off when they're ready after beating awhile. I used to be afraid of gagging and of other guys' cocks in my mouth, but now I really like it. AC

11. Eat my cum; was afraid to try then. VG

12. Eat my cream and partners' too. BM

13. I now have friends for pissing, fucking, sucking, etc. TN

14. Probably countless things! The use of grass and amyl and leather toys and rubbers as well as the easy availability of porno for excitement and stimulation, of course, is very different now. Then too, I have a large circle of sex partners that are available, and they make my sexual activity now a highly complex, almost mystical, ritual. This is in marked contrast to the early days when I just used to take out my dick, grease it up, and mechanically shoot out a load of boy-juice! There wasn't any awareness of the grandeur and magnificence of the act in my youthful experiences and exploits. TD

15. Take my time, older I guess. KS

16. Finger-fuck myself because it feels so fuckin' good. SE

17. Prolong it! BD


Y10: What's the most exciting thing you've ever done with your cock in j/o?

1. The most exciting thing was at the baths. One guy was sitting on my chest, jacking me off, another had my nuts in his mouth swirling his tongue around them, I had two guys on each side of me to j/o, and another guy was straddling my neck and pumping his 8" sausage with a 2" foreskin down my deep throat, and I think we all exploded with the intensity of a hydrogen bomb, spraying hot radiation of jism all directions, with an end that sapped me of energy, leaving a tiny peter that looked like a marshmallow. MW

2. J/O into used kotex pad while smelling another one. RF

3. Oiled my cock and ran two fingertips slowly up and down just along the underside ridge. DO

4. During a J/O orgy to have my throbbing cock SUCKED, and then JACKED, sucked and jacked, SUCKED AND JACKED, until my buddy took a gushing load in his sweet mouth. WB

5. Strip naked and walk through cornfields. PS

6. Stick it through a glory hole and have it sucked. BW

7. Once I wrapped my cock when hard and had it in a tight set of cockrings. I could not J/O it for a long time, but it stayed rock hard for an hour while I played and J/Oed other guys at the baths. I guess the most pleasurable thing was about 20 years ago: I was cruising at the baths and came to a room where a Spanish guy was inviting me in. We played and hugged a little and he started to J/O my cock. It got rock hard. When he sat on it, what an hour followed! He was a real master with his ass: up, down, jumping, turning, you name it. Felt fantastic! Finally, even though he told me to hold back, I finally had to cum. And I really pumped the most out of it. I can still feel him on me after 20 years! AC

8. Used menthol. EM

9. Got it in my mouth. VG

10. J/O'd by a guy in back seat of bus in broad daylight while other passengers were on bus. BM

11. To put this in a nut shell, the most exciting thing that I have ever done with my cock is to masturbate! Nothing else even comes close to equaling this experience. And it just gets better and better and more meaningful with the passage of time! I've experienced both sucking and fucking, but these activities don't even hold a candle to the mystical joy of milking out a load yourself after having greased up your cock and taken a sniff of amyl! It is unquestionably the most exciting thing I have ever done, and it just continues on and on through the years! TD

12. SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!! CD

13. J/O'ing while blowing and rimming my friend Ron. KS

14. One time I really lubed it up and used a preheated thermos bottle for a session that lasted only about ten minutes, but it was certainly a superb j/o session. I'd never do it again because of the danger involved, but it was exciting at the time. SE


G1: What are some exciting things to do in j/o that you haven't done yet?

1. I'd like to join a j/o club and really let go with dudes. MP

2. J/O in some more exciting places. NR

3. What I want is a companion who I can play with and j/o or suck, if we desire. VW

4. Group j/o. DO

5. None. EM

6. If there is anything that I haven't done yet, I can't think of it. However, I am always open to suggestions, providing they are nice and sweet and gentle. No B&D, etc. WB

7. I want top jack off in a crowd, in full view of everybody. CC

8. To be naked in a parade with floats full of naked J/Oers. PS

9. Have it on film. BW

10. More of the same. AC

11. Play with cocks as long as I can. VG

12. I want mass sex, with lots of piss and cocks; I want to try oiling up my body and having wild sex with a pleasing man; I want to be fucked and filled up with piss; I want to frequent the baths. TN

13. I just want to have the scene continue without limit! It's absolutely fabulous as it is, and I just want to have more and more of it, endlessly! TD

14. I've at least tried just about everything I can think of, but I love new ideas. CD

15. I'd like to perform before an audience and make a j/o flick. SE

16. Get into a regular j/o group. BD


G2: What well-known people would you like to j/o?

1. Shawn Cassidy, Donny Osmond, the dude on "Family." They wouldn't have to do anything with me. Just feeling their cocks and seeing them shoot or feeling them shoot in my mouth would be great. MP

2. I would like to have nude (frontals) pictures of Rock Hudson, Tony Curtis, John Travolta, Elton John, and possibly have a group j/o with them. I wonder who has the biggest sausage in Hollywood?? I'd love to jerk it off. I'd love to have these stars take me on, one big circle jerk with each other. MW

3. Any well-built people. Let me strip them and jack them off, after lots of play. NR

4. Good-looking young male movie or TV stars, with hairless chests; play gently with my nipples and cock, then play faster and faster with my oiled tool until I shot my load. DO

5. Jack Wrangler. EM

6. Any famous bodybuilders, see U. JO

7. Don't know of any. WB

8. Rock Hudson, Dave Kopay; they would shoot in my mouth. CC

9. Mark Spitz, Steve McQueen, Jon Davidson; they would pinch my tits and sit on my face. PS

10. Parker Stevenson, John Travolta: they would suck and fuck. BW

11. Bruce Jenner, Marlon Brando. AC

12. None. (written 2 times)

13. I would love to have sex with Gene Hackman, Edward Asner, Alan Arkin, and any other hairy, balding, hunky guys I see. They could do as they wanted: fuck, suck, etc. TN

14. Probably thousands! John Travolta, Joe Delassandro, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Burt Reynolds, the Smothers Brothers (each of them!), Jack Ford, Barry Goldwater Jr., lots of the Kennedy offspring, Harry Reems, Richard Thomas, etc, etc, etc! The list is probably endless! TD

15. I used to fantasize about Tarzan, Marlon Brando, John Gavin, Pete on "Mod Squad." Now I guess the "Six Million Dollar Man"---I want to admire his cock, suck him off, and have him fuck me, maybe while I'm sucking myself off. CD

16. Lance Kerwin, Peter Parker, Lief Garrett, Donny Osmond, David Cassidy, Scot Baio, Shaun Cassidy, and Jeb Adams. Don't forget Clark Brandon. KS

17. Glen Campbell, Robert Redford, and Jeff Bridges. I love to have all of them jack me off and then cum on my chest. My prime choice, however, would be to have a j/o session with Roger Staubach, wearing only his jockstrap. SE

18. Bruce Jenner. I'd like him to shoot on my Wheaties! BD

19. President Carter. MB

20. Jacks; they'd fuck me and blow me. RL


G3: What do you think about simultaneous orgasms?

1. It's great, I've done it a few times with dudes. MP

2. Had very few. MW

3. I think that it is best when both partners cum at the same time. When I lived with someone, we always tried to stimulate each other and hold off until we both came together. NK

4. Prefer not; very few. DO

5. Great; few. CO

6. Since one orgasm is so fabulous, I'd rather get absorbed in that. Two at the same time are too many to handle and fully appreciate. JO

7. I love them; many, I would say, I've had. WB

8. Love them but have not been able to time them too well, since I come quickly. CC

9. Had about 50. PS

10. I always want that; have had several. BW

11. It doesn't matter to me whether we come together or not. AC

12. Nothing. (written 2 times)

13. I love to come with whoever I am with, and try to do so as often as I can; I have done so many times. TN

14. I think simultaneous orgasms are the ULTIMATE! When two guys are really in tune to each other and are reacting with nearly equal intensity, a simultaneous ejaculation is utterly PERFECT! I couldn't even begin, though to state how many I've experienced in my life, but it's been QUITE a few! TD

15. I love it but it's too rare. I wish we had more control over that. Had a few. CD

16. About twenty. KS

17. OK if they happen, but when they're staged they distract from the real pleasure of j/o. SE

18. Simultaneous orgasms are great. I've had many. BD


G4: Do you think you'll ever stop j/o?

1. I hope I never stop jacking off. It's part of being a man. MP

2. No; addicted too much. MW

3. I hope not; it keeps one sexually alive and stimulated, and also keeps one alive in general. NK

4. Never. JN

5. It's great fun, why stop. NR  RF  CO

6. Not unless unable to. DO  EM

7. No, I'm sure it helps the cock, the body, and the person keep young. JO

8. No, because it feels too good. JD

9. No, I don't know why I should. As I have said previously, I do not like to "over-indulge." I discipline myself so as not to injure my health, so why should I quit such glorious fun and pleasure as long as I do not hurt myself or anyone else. WB

10. I WILL NEVER STOP JACKING OFF because it is too much fun and readily available pleasure when nothing else is at hand. CC

11. No, why stop? PS

12. No, I will never stop, it is very natural to me. BW

13. No, not enough sex otherwise where and when I want it without too many conditions on time, money, place, appearance. etc. So J/O is always dependable. Also, I like the way it feels. Right or left handed or Jac-u-Pak, always first class. AC

14. ?? VG

15. No, I love to j/o and see no reason to stop. TN

16. Never! Being the ultimate sexual experience for me, it's not likely that I'll ever abandon the practice! Once Nirvana has been achieved, one wouldn't voluntarily give it up! And that's exactly what jacking off can be: Nirvana! TD

17. In your first questionnaire, you asked the reader if he felt he would ever give up the practice, a question to this effect. Well, since I received your first questionnaire, I have. In fact, I've given up sex in any form. I've finally come to this, just as I had given up cigarettes many years ago. So I didn't read your last questionnaire except to get a glimpse of the nature of it. I disposed of it as I had your first questionnaire. For the practice and all relating thereto is behind me now. Therefore, I'd appreciate it if you'd take my name off the mailing list. Besides, by about the middle of September I'll no longer have the box address. It seems that I answered at least one of your questions. (Interestingly, the return box number that he was "canceling" inverted two numbers: for example, his box number was 369, and he said to cancel 396.) DI

18. No, I love it too much. CD

19. Never, or at least until I'm 93. KS

20. Never, not as long as it feels so fuckin' good. SE

21. Absolutely not! It's great entertainment; it's free; one can keep doing it pretty much forever; it helps me explore my whole sensuality through fantasies. BD

22. No. Pleasure like that is too good to stop. RA


G5 (Q9 responses): Diagnosis of health through characteristics of semen and orgasm?

1. Yes, it would work I think. DP

2. No. MB

3. Some aspects of health should be measurable by this technique, but as sincere scientific endeavor, it's not in my realm of competence. RJ

4. No idea. VG

5. Yes, I think that this could be done and would work, especially as it applies to frequencies, amounts, etc. WB

6. I can't imagine how. WH

7. Not likely, as the quality of semen can change from day to day with the heat of the day or the amount of exercise we experience. KS

8. Yes, probably. BD

9. I do not think it would be possible. If it would be possible to set it up, I do not think it would succeed. NK


G6 (Q16 responses): What would you like as an audience for a j/o session? Pay? Do?

1. I would pay up to $50.00 if the session were an extended one. That's no more than what a hooker would rip you off for, and think how enjoyable it would be. DO

2. Only free, and I'd j/o in the audience. MB

3. Would want to see a long, thick dong, the guy milk it hard and work on his balls, too; like to see him cum in the face of a young boy kneeling in front of him, especially if the boy were being forcibly restrained to face front by two older teenagers who themselves are jerking off, and the boy has to lick their cum off their stomachs and hands. Young boy then jerks himself off while lying face up on the body of one of the teens whose cock is up his ass. The other two are standing over them in j/o again on the two on the floor. Yes, I'd pay up to $10-15. The audience should be allowed on stage later for a spontaneous group show for those not wanting to leave their seats. NC

4. This session could take one of two basic forms: a "variety show" type of entertainment, i.e. chorus in unison, handsome hunks, skits, etc, and/or an instructional or learning-type session to impart new knowledge and information to audience. I'd like to see a good session demonstrating methods, ways and means, mechanical appliances or toys, solos and groups, with all ages, types, and builds. How much I would pay depends on quality and quantity of "lecture" or entertainment offered, but it should be about equal to an evening at the theater. As part of audience, I'd be among "volunteers" if any were asked for, as hypnotists and magicians frequently do. RJ

5. Would not enjoy unless I could j/o also. VG

6. I would really like to see and watch another, or others, JACKING-OFF. I would be willing to pay a reasonable fee. As a part of the audience I would be willing "join in" if others were doing that same thing. WB

7. If I were in an audience for a j/o session, I would like to see a good-looking young guy with a very long cock come out on a platform, like a diving board, and proceed to jerk off. I would like to be able to catch his cum as he shot. I would be willing to pay up to $25. I would also like to see a bunch of good-looking guys jerking each other off to rock and roll music. JD

8. Wouldn't be interested in viewing someone else j/o. WH

9. I would like to see some very nice young men and boys, not any superstuds but just nice kind of fellas with good tools. I just can't seem to relate to superstuds as they think they are SOOOOO great. KS

10. I'd like to see a guy get into his cock in any way that turned him on and really go to town on it! I guess I'd pay a few $, but I'd rather not pay for sex. I'd do anything that would egg him on to greater heights of j/o bliss. BD

11. A slow strip, and easy playing, working up to a great come---show lasting about an hour, afterwards have two guys do the above. I would be willing to pay. I only want to watch. NK


G7 (Q17 responses): What would you do in a performance? How much payment? Audience doing?

1. If I gave a j/o performance it would be free and everyone else would be free to j/o themselves if they wanted to---might be a good turn on. It would have to be over a long weekend, however. A good show should be extended as long as possible. DP

1. I'd j/o free with the audience looking at me. MB

3. My show would be me getting whipped with a belt on all parts of body (ass, tits, balls) while I shot. Then audience would join in. I'm more for watching really; not really my show, although I'd still like the situation! NC

4. I'd do what was asked, if I could, so long as no harm is done; for starters, some basic comparisons could be made---maybe tell a story or two, or act in one-act play, or narrate highlights of my life's experiences relating to the context or subject of the gathering. Perhaps a demonstration, either solo or mutual, as audience prefers. Fee or free? If audience pays, then a fee for performing is in order. But if audience is more on order of a social gathering (without paying), then no pay is necessary. RJ

5. I would want NO payment involved. I would do it for pleasure ONLY. I would NEVER do it before an audience that was not itself full of j/o lovers. In other words, ONLY in front of, with, to "show off" with those that were real j/o lovers, themselves. WB

6. I would do as I described in Q16 myself; I would do it for nothing. JD

7. Wouldn't want to do it for an audience. WH

8. No way, no one is going to pay for seven inches. KS

9. I'd like to show the audience how I can turn myself into a frenzied j/o animal, a howling, growling, snorting, panting, hot, horny, randy animal when I start fucking my fist and really let my instincts take over. I can get into a state approaching delirium. I would want the audience to j/o in tune with me, egg me on, enjoy the spectacle. BD

10. I would NOT give a performance in front of an audience. NK


G8 (Q20 responses): What would a j/o party be like at your place?

1. I would love to have a j/o party in my own home if I could get enough people to come to the country for a weekend. Ten to twenty would be about all I could handle. DP

2. I would invite 12 to a no-holds-barred j/o party. MB

3. No place for more than 3-4 guys; house rules would OK any type of sex provided orgasm was for ALL to see, i.e., "advance warning," and come only by j/o or otherwise NOT buried in an ass or mouth. NC

4. Sure! About a dozen, or fewer if I have to prepare "refreshments." House rules: no violence, drug orgies, etc. Cameras OK. Everybody naked, of course. Prefer non-tobacco smoking. Minimum mess and so forth---five or six would be a lot better than 12 in my apartment. RJ

5. No. VG

6. Yes, if at all possible. I dearly love to attend j/o parties. But due to my present living arrangement, that would be impossible, unless I could rent a suitable place for about eight or ten at the most. The "house rules" would have to depend on the place that I was able to rent. At present, I do NOT know of such a place where one could really "let his hair down" and be totally uninhibited, which would be a "must" for any j/o party to be really successful. WB

7. One other right person is all I'm interested in either in reality or in fantasy. WH

8. Yes, up to about ten people. Rules for the party would be that you would have to cum for all to see and don't shoot on the furniture, I have expensive stuff. KS

9. Yes! I could invite 8 or 10, I guess. I guess one would have to have some rules (the primary activity should be j/o, etc., but I think it would be best to keep rules at a minimum). 1000? I'd fantasize that a thousand studs would shoot 2 or 3 loads apiece during a prolonged session, that they all shot into the same receptacle, say a bathtub. Then one could dive into all the sweet fresh cum and wallow and drink to one's heart's content! BD

10. Yes, only a few. No house rules except not too noisy. I think that there should only be a few people---in a fantasy evening they would be adolescent boys. NK

11. Invite as many as possible, have each piss in one tub and come in another, then everybody take turns bathing in them. CD


G9 (Q22 responses): Are you the star, the chorus, or the audience at a j/o session?

1. Chorus. I used to dream of being a star---well, maybe I would like to star. DP

2. All. MB  JD  BN  CD

3. Audience. J/o is for me to enjoy; for me and maybe one or two other people. NC

4. Yes. RJ

5. Audience. VG  NK

6. Neither. WH

7. Chorus. KS

8. All three, by turns. BD


G10 (Q23 responses): How far would you go for a j/o group? How often? How much to pay?

1. Depends on the attraction. Up to $50 depending on the talent. Once a month or week if it were near New York City. DP

2. To the Village; Frequently; VERY little. MB

3. Up to 20 miles, 1-2 per week, up to $5, unless for a special show. NC

4. 100 to 150 miles during week---further is possible on weekends---occasional trips to Denver, Chicago---but normally, within 3 hours' driving of Omaha (includes Kansas City, Des Moines, Sioux City, etc.). Monthly could be scheduled nicely; weekly if at or near home. RJ

5. Not my bag. VG

6. Depending on the circumstances, I suppose that I could go around a hundred miles, or preferably less. This depends on several things. I would be willing to spend my share, or a reasonable amount. This, too, would depend on certain circumstances. Impossible to quote accurate figures, etc, without knowing certain facts. WB

7. I would be willing to travel within reason, participate about once a week, and spend perhaps up to $35 for admission and buying special "talent." JD

8. Not interested in such groups. WH

9. I'd travel 3 or 4 hundred miles for a good group, round trip. I could go about once a month, depending on how far. Pay about 10 to 15 bucks. KS

10. 50 miles, once a week or every other week. $5-$10? BD

11. About an hour's trip several times a week. I would not want to spend much money. NK


B1: Do you make your cock or someone else's cock bleed?

1. This question hurts. DS

2. No. (written 15 times)

3. Don't care for any of this. Turns me off. WB

4. No blood. CC

5. Yes; I needle his cock and he digs it. MB

6. No! Certainly never voluntarily! TD

7. Yes (written 2 times).

8. Mine: I use needles or knives, and it feels great. BN


B2: Do you use piss or shit in j/o?

1. Do not care for the idea of shit; piss can turn me on. DS

2. Piss: while in bathtub, I piss on myself, then j/o. RF

3. No. (written 11 times)

4. Yes, use both piss and shit: shit in my hand, wrap the nice warm shit around my cock and smear it over my balls, sometimes over my chest, then jack off. Feels great or I would not do it. Often piss on myself in shower, usually every morning. CC

5. Yes, I love piss and can go the shit route and love it. TN

6. Yes, I j/o with it; it feels great. MB

7. No! I should qualify that and say that piss WITH THE RIGHT PERSON might be quite a turn on, but I've never experienced it so far. Shit---NEVER! (And no desire to!) TF

8. Piss, not shit. I've tried shit in j/o but it doesn't turn me on. However, piss does! I love to drink my piss straight from my cock. I like getting pissed on, but I'd rather drink it. I like for someone to piss up my ass after they've fucked me. Sometimes I make an enema from my own piss. CD

9. Sometimes I j/o in a jockstrap or levis that are soaked in my own piss. The warm pee really adds a new dimension of pleasure. SE

10. Once in a while I piss through my hard-on during j/o; it's like cumming without losing one's load. BD


B3: Do you use S/M in j/o?

1. I like a degree of S/M in sex, though I consider it playful aggression rather than S/M. DS

2. Slightly; hard fast jerks, a human dynamo pumping the hell out of my peter feels great. MW

3. Leather thongs as a constraint. EM

4. No. (written 13 times)

5. Only to the extent that delaying the orgasm, prolonging the action, could be considered sadistic when done to someone else's cock, masochistic when done to my own cock. JO

6. If occasion calls. When tired and worried it turns me off. PS

7. Tried a bit once. Did some fist fucking where others were really "into it" or really wanted it, but it turns me really off. AC

8. Yes; rough and dirty; it feels great. MB

9. I like to flick my erection as I flagellate my balls. I grip it tightly as I ejaculate. A friend has a special wooden paddle. Nude, he stands in front of his full-length mirror and whacks his ass with this heavy paddle. As his buttocks swell and the redness appears, he becomes quite sexually excited. With this severe, but pleasurable, pain, he comes. A leather sheath can be exciting worked over an erection. Some have a leather pouch that encloses the balls. Try rawhide strips wrapped around the cock and balls. Loop the rawhide around the balls and attach something heavy to the other end while standing, or pull down as much as desired and attach around the ankle. Padlock or handcuff the balls. You may find it exciting and stimulating to make a slipknot loop. Have you ever tried a vacuum cleaner (not a big one, but a small suction-type one)? I'm told it's wild! GD

10. Yes (written 2 times).


H1: Do deformities or catastrophes turn you on?

1. To a degree. VW

2. Some deformities might; somewhat depressed chests, like mine, sometimes are a turn on. DO

3. Adrenalin caused by a catastrophe. EM

4. No. (written 14 times)

5. Don't care for any of this. Turns me off. WB

6. It is a pleasure to treat the handicapped to joys of J/O. PS

7. I J/Oed a guy with an artificial leg once, also a guy with large cock who was a midget. Both great, but both were good cocks and really exciting guys; otherwise, I didn't have any hang-ups about deformities. AC

8. Not that I know of or have ever been aware of. I've never gotten into any such encounters or experiences. TD


H2: Do you think about losing your potency?

1. No, but if it should happen, I hope there are enough boys around for me to watch and stroke to see others do it! MP

2. Yes, I would dread it. MW

3. Yes, I have already slowed down. It is very disturbing because it is a sign of growing older. NK

4. Yes. EM

5. No. (written 14 times)

6. Yes, but I think with enough practice the potency will remain. JO

7. Yes, when I can't keep up a hard-on, I think that there must be some way to keep it up: some drug, aphrodisiac, etc. CC

8. I only lose potency with poppers or with fatigue. Sometimes with women. Only other times are after 2-3 cums in one day. Even then a good J/O scene can turn me back on! AC

9. Yes, often now. Lost ability to get hard at will; used to have hard-on whenever I wanted. Afraid I am losing sexual desire. VG

10. I will use it and abuse it as long as I can. TN

11. No, not really. TD

12. Sometimes I worry about getting it up, but I rarely have any trouble. CD


H3: Do you think about cutting it off?

1. No. (written 15 times)

2. Too much pleasure to cut it off. Cutting someone else's off? Yes, someone like Nixon. CC


4. No way. TN


6. No, I'm against mutilation of the cock in any form. RA

7. Yes to all three questions (written 2 times).


H4 (Q4 responses): Is ALL sex only mutual j/o?

1. All sex is only mutual j/o, but most people don't know it. What difference does it make really whether we are gay or hetero or j/o (hard core), it's just a matter of pure physical joy; why else are we here? DP

2. No; I don't buy it. MB

3. Not true, I think. However, I think shaving is a masturbation of the face, especially with an electric razor. Works good if you lean against the sink and mash your cock and balls while shaving. Then I bring myself off by hand and lick the cum off. NC

4. Yes, this thought has occurred to me (and others), but j/o has been improved, offers greater variety, etc. No thoughts regarding conversation. RJ

5. Not all sex, but most of it is. Especially between people who have been married awhile. And I mean man and wife or two boys or two girls. It all gets to be routine. The new lover is where the fun is. VG

6. Yes, I do think that all sex play has a very close relationship to mutual JACKING-OFF ... I might add that I certainly think that we, j/o lovers, get MORE sexual FEELINGS-of-JOY from ANY form of sexual play, as long as NO cruelty is involved. I really think this, because I am sure that OUR sexual senses and sexual nerves are developed to a much "higher" degree than are those that do not practice the joys of the j/o scene, because they are not aware of, or have no knowledge of, the loveliness of the rewards of the beautiful ART-of-MASTURBATION. WB

7. The idea that all sex is only mutual j/o is like saying that it's all the same when two people at Christmas each have a $10 bill and (1) each keeps his $10 bill or (2) they exchange their $10 bills in the spirit of giving to each other. WH

8. Sex is not mutual j/o to me; I try to give as much pleasure to my partner as possible, and if they are happy then I am happy. KS

9. Yes, sometimes. BD

10. I believe that all life reflects the sexual aspects. I think that having sex with another person is quite different than jerking off by oneself. Copulation to me is far more than mutual jerking off. NK

11. Yes. CD


H5 (Q5 responses): What LARGER aspects is the orgasm an image of?

1. Everything is masturbation, try a little pot and you'll see it very clearly. Hot water up the ass is as good as a tantric meditation---better actually because it makes me hot. Sometimes I have tried meditating and wound up getting a shooting hard on without touching myself. A very good lesson in will power, by the way---shooting without touching my beautiful cock. I have to be sure I won't be disturbed for two or three hours before starting and not have cum for a few days before starting. DP

2. Quests suck. MB

3. Shitting IS an orgasm, release and pleasure. Am into scat, somewhat, and like to sit on the can, work on finger, then two, then three up my ass and feel the shit as it moves down into the rectum. To feel it as it comes out, to let it out slowly and smear it on my ass, thighs, chest and stomach, cock and balls, and jerk off with a shit-filled hand, while still letting the rest of the shit come out of my ass. NC

4. This question focuses on the metaphysical aspects of j/o, and the metaphysical plane isn't too interesting. RJ

5. No opinion. VG

6. Agree with thoughts as mental masturbation. WB

7. The Divine Marriage. Energy from the heart is expressed through the sexual organs or through the brain. The energy energizes whatever it passes to or through. WH

8. An ORGASM represents to me life in general, a lot of work, a lot of planning (sometimes), and those OH too short moments of bliss and then ... Thanks for the Memories ... KS

9. Never had any of these ideas. NK


H6 (Q10 responses): Death at j/o? Would you still j/o?

1. Sure. I probably will die at j/o, sometimes I have thought I was about to. When I'm high on cock, pure cock, it's so good. DP

2. No; Yes. MB

3. Wouldn't mind; yes, I'd still j/o. NC

4. No. Probably wouldn't make any difference. RJ

5. Not until I had CUM, baby. Will j/o forever. VG

6. NO. WB

7. Not a bad way to go. Sure, I'll keep at it. Chances are I will die that way. BD

8. Each time a person reaches climax, you die a little. No, I would not like to die at j/o. Yes, I would j/o if I knew future knowledge. NK


H7 (Q11 responses): What about extraterrestrial j/o?

1. Wild thought, but too far out for me to get straight. DP

2. OK, mild cases only. MB

3. How about a j/o with "aliens" touching body, or monitoring it with electric wires, etc, to "see how earthpeople do it." NC

4. No response. RJ

5. J/o is j/o. VG

6. ?? WB

7. You're crazy! WH

8. I wouldn't know about that. How could we possibly relate to an retanmobagga raping a tobatosoma? Or a retilnaygoo nerrlting a peehowmaya? KS

9. Never thought of these ideas, although when I was in my teens, I spent one day in the bathroom jerking off over a comic book of science fiction. NK

10. Ooo, yes! CD


R1: Do you have regrets about anything connected with j/o?

1. I can't share the feelings enough with other dudes. MP

2. None, except sometimes wanting it to last longer. NK

3. No, except I would like to know if doing it more often might be harmful in any way. DO

4. Not enough. EM

5. No. (written 18 times)

6. Only that I didn't get into it sooner, having been convinced that solitary sex was somehow "not as good" as sex with someone else's various orifices. JO

7. None that I can think of, unless it is that I am "solidly hooked." WB

8. Regret that I do not have bigger equipment and that I cannot jack off more often without losing hard-on. CC

9. No, except maybe having to leave too soon when due at work or for an appointment. AC

10. None, except I regret that I was so late in "coming out." If I had to do it again, I would have started sucking when I was first able to. TN

11. None at al! TD

12. That I'll never be able to rim my own asshole, or even take my entire cock down my throat. That I can't fuck myself. CD

13. Yes, I should have started sooner and spent more time in j/o. RA