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ZONE memo of 3/4/06


Tristan, I've been thinking a lot since our "flux" talk on the phone yesterday, and I think the site is due for a MAJOR revision.

1. Most important, each "page" of the current site is LARGER than one screen, making it necessary to scroll down to see the whole page-content, which we both agree is NOT what we want. As I said before, I very much like the "look" of the galaxy and the "enter" to the Zone, but the text belongs more to the "history" of the Zone.

Page 1 should have ONLY the graphic and the "enter" button, with only ONE text line below, maybe "Click on Enter, above, to start your adventures in ZolnerZone."

Page 2 should have a smaller graphic and, again, one line: "ZolnerZone is the Zone of the life of Bob Zolnerzak," then three lines with three buttons:

1) For information about Bob Zolnerzak, enter the Zone here.
BUTTON-1 (maybe Zolnerzak)

2) For information about Zones, enter the Zone here.
BUTTON-2 (maybe ZONES)

3) To continue your adventures in ZolnerZone, enter here.

BUTTON-3 (maybe ZolnerZone)

Page 3 from BUTTON-1 (again, one screen):

1) A small ZolnerZone graphic.

2) A one-paragraph bio that introduces me and my writings and travels and thoughts that led to the ZolnerZone contents.

3) A return-button to "previous page" (to Page 2).

4) A biography-button to "continue biography" (to Page 11).

5) A continue-button to "continue your adventures" (to Page 5).

Page 4 from BUTTON-2 (again, one screen):

1) Same graphic.

2) Essentially the text now on the current first page.

3) HISTORY button (to page 6).

4) CONTINUE button (to page 5).

Page 5 from BUTTON-3 (again, one screen):

1) Same graphic.

2) Text: "This is the central menu of ZolnerZone. From here you can

go deeper into ZolnerZone in three different dimensions:"

3) REALITY button (to Page 8) with text: "What really happened"

4) IMAGINARY button (to Page 9) with text: "Flights of fancy"

5) DREAMS button (to Page 10) with text: "Dreams"

6) VISUALS button (to Page 16) with text: "Photos, videos, and more"

Page 6 from HISTORY button:

1) This memo, sadly larger than one screen, but that's OK.

2) RETURN button (to Page 5) with text: "Return to central menu"

3) CONTINUE button (to Page 7) with text: "Continue with history"

Page 7, for now, has text: "More history"

Page 8 from REALITY button:

1) Same graphic.

2) Text: "We enter the REALITY zone of ZolnerZone:"

3) BIOGRAPHY button (to Page 3) with text: "Biography of Bob


4) JOURNALS button (to Page 12) with text: "Journals by year"

5) TRAVELS button (to Page 13) with text: "Travels by continent"

Page 9 from IMAGINATION button:

1) Same graphic.

2) Text: "We enter the IMAGINATION zone of ZolnerZone:"

3) FICTION button (to Page 14) with text: "Fiction"

4) PLAYS button

5) POETRY button

6) HUMOR button

Page 10 from DREAMS button: Dreams

Page 11 from biography-button on Page 3:

1) Text: "More bio"

2) Button to Short-Fiction Bio page

3) Button to "Yet more bio"

Page 12 from JOURNALS button:

1) Text: "Journals by year"

2) Button to "Notebook"

Page 13 from TRAVELS button:

1) Text: "Travels by continent"

2) Buttons for continents

Page 14 from FICTION button:

1) Text: "Fiction"

2) Short-Fiction button (to Page 15) with text: "Short Fiction"

3) Long-Fiction button

4) "Gain" button

5) "Acid House" button

6) "John" button

Page 15 from Short-Fiction button: [Tris: You're working on this NOW.]

1) Text: "Short Fiction: Sub-genres will change as more and more

material is added from other genres of my writings."

2) "Adolescent work" button with text: "Earliest readings included Poe

and Bierce. Radio provided "Inner Sanctum" and "Suspense,"

obvious generators of some of this."

3) "Biographical" button with text: "Some straight autobiography, some

heavily fantasized, some are accounts from friends that I found

compelling enough to write out."

["Essays" will be elsewhere.]

4) "Gay" button with text: "Since I knew I was gay (without knowing

the word itself) since I was 5 years old, some stories other than

these may contain "hidden" references to gayness."

5) "Humor" button with text: "Other pieces may contain inadvertent

humor, but these were intended to be funny."

6) "Ideas" button with text: "Many half-baked; some character

sketches, some plot-lines, some merely ideas."

["Lists" will be elsewhere.]

["Poetry" will be elsewhere, with text: "A friend, Elaine Restifo,

published a small-distribution vanity periodical called "The

River" which accepted, with my gratitude, some of my first-

published literary work."]

7) "Science-Fiction" button with text: "High-school readings included

Bradbury (for a fantasy element) and Heinlein (for harder

science). Verne and Clarke followed somewhat later."

["Travel" will be elsewhere.]

Gotta stop now: I'm starving for breakfast!