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ZONE memo of 3/4/06

A Zone is an entirely original concept for a domain on the Internet.

A Zone is a life, a legacy, an individual, a personal universe. A detached person is said to "zone out." Now you can "Zone in" to the very essence of an individual's being.

ZolnerZone is the first Zone: Bob Zolnerzak's own: ZolnerZone. Eventually, I predict, Zones will be domains equal to Coms, Orgs, or Countries. Zones are not Blogs, contributed by many; Zones are the Individual's Owns.

ZolnerZone came into existence in January, 2006, with the generous assistance of Tristan Meiselbach, on his site The first draft, Zolnerzak's World, on 10/26/05, was updated to ZolnerVerse on 12/14/05, and 30 mb of files were transmitted on 12/6/05. The first ZolnerZone e-mail is dated 12/25/05. This page was generated on 1/18/06. ZolnerZone begins to come to life on it Zone.

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