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MEMO 5 TO TRISTAN (9/28/06)

Tris: this either starts HISTC or follows 9/18/06 memo which starts HISTC.

Yesterday you asked "What's next?" Here's what's next:

1. LF.DOC, attached along with this memo, has three long-fiction pieces:

While you're changing this page, please lower-case Student near Census button, make the Census button read Census--2028, and please capitalize Improbable in Not Improbable button, and change the Babbit-Brighton button to Throwback.

2. Maybe it's time (now that about a dozen people have the website address) to put in a hit-list to count who (I believe you can use something called a cookie to see who?) visits, and how many times they visit. Easy or hard to do? What do you think?

3. And if people do visit, and want to comment, is it possible to add a place on the website where they can comment, give opinions, find typos, ask questions, etc? Easy or hard to do? What do you think?



MEMO 6 TO TRISTAN - 11/3/2006

Carolyn and I celebrated ZolnerZone's first anniversary on October 26, 2006.

Per our conversation 11/1, Zone page will include, after History button, this:

"For information about the diary, enter the Zone here" followed by Diary button.

The following is the Diary page:


ZolnerZone is, more than anything else, an enormous multi-media diary.

Unfortunately, I didn't foresee ZolnerZone as I was writing page after page of material about various subjects in differing formats. ZolnerZone is complex.

Before 1968, my writings were disorganized and random. On September 20, 1968, I began keeping (and numbering) pages in a diary. Some of the pages, not simple journal-type diary pages, had titles of subjects. When the volume of diary pages expanded, I divided them into subject-volumes.

On March 25, 1979, the diary format became too cumbersome, and I stopped it. While writing diary-journal pages, I mentioned subjects on DIARY-1542, for example, that deserved pages of their own with (see DIARY-1543 [which could run from DIARY-1543 to DIARY-1546]) and (see DIARY-1547 [which might be only one page]), so that the next diary-journal page would be DIARY-1548, without a subject. Not simple. In addition, DIARY-5001 through DIARY-8160 incorporates pre-DIARY writing: only subjects, not journal pages. Diary pages like 1542 and 1548, without subjects, can be reached via dates in Journals. Pages with subjects, to repeat, can be reached through the subject-tree starting with Main. Acknowledging that this separates consecutive diary pages, a totally independent diary can be read chronologically via Diary Pages, which contains sequential pages from 00001 through 14210, duplicating both the Journal pages and the subject pages in the order in which they were written.

After that date, my writings were independent of diary-page numbering. From then on, writings had only subjects to identify them, primarily reached via Main through Journals, Travels, Plays, Longer Fiction, Dreams, and Visuals. As I've said many times, if I knew where all this would end up, I'd have made it simpler. This is the best way I can think of to organize a complexity: me.



MEMO 7 TO TRISTAN - 5/11/2007

For good or ill, I very much neglected the ZolnerZone website so far this year. I don't want this memo to duplicate NOTEBOOK pages, so I'll summarize briefly:

A. I was busy with a number of things:

  1. Taxes and finances that took much time and caused much concern.
  2. Part of my financial problem was a very expensive Japan trip in March.
  3. When I returned from Japan, I was swamped with over SIXTY tasks to do.
  4. Yesterday was a crux-day: I reduced the number of tasks to do to THREE.

B. Marj Mahle, after many negotiations, is proofreading website material for me.

C. You suggested Marj use the tracking facility of Word to simplify matters.

D. Both she and I are looking into this, but we have as yet decided nothing.

E. I felt the HISTORY file needed another memo, and this is it. More later.



MEMO 8 TO TRISTAN - 9/18/2007

From MEMO 7:

How complicated that turned out to be! I finally got a package containing Word7 and other components, but couldn't install it on my Dell desktop because it didn't have a particular update. After many consultations with Microsoft, it seemed the best alternative would be to install another hard drive, update my Windows with that, then install Word7, knowing that the updating wouldn't have obsoleted, or destroyed, my "non-Windows" applications like WordPerfect and my Cindex indexing program. I'm not holding my breath.

Word7 installed perfectly on my Dell laptop, however, and I tried out the tracking facility, found it to be great, and recommended it to Marj for proofreading. She got a new computer, her own copy of Word7, and has actually corrected a DREAM file using the tracking facility. But she's been busy with a number of things, and we have agreed that she delay sending the corrections for the DREAM file until I get back from Ukraine on October 6.

Before I leave for Ukraine on September 25, I hope to send backups of ALL files to you, Carolyn, and my sister. And I repeat my suggestion that you, Tris, write some corresponding progress, or work-in-process, memos for the website HISTORY.



                         MEMO 9 TO TRISTAN - 10/26/2007


How much and how little has been done in two years!

From MEMO 8: "we have agreed that [Marj] delay sending the corrections for the DREAM file until I get back from Ukraine on October 6." She sent the corrections, but I was busy "catching up" after the trip to Ukraine and didn't look at her corrections until 10/24. They were fine, and I suggested two changes in her correction methods that would make it easier for me to accept or reject her changes; she agreed, but doesn't know when she'll return to proofreading, since she has indexing and other work of her own.

I've read the revised History C through Memo 8, and it looks great, but, as I said in Memo 8: I repeat my suggestion that you, Tris, write some corresponding progress, or work-in-process, memos for the website HISTORY.

To celebrate, I've just booked my fantasized 5th trip this year: Aruba 12/12-17!

I'm comforted by the knowledge that, difficult though it may be, it would be possible to completely fill out the website from the material on the backup disks now in your and Carolyn's possession. I assume the process would entail reading the WordPerfect files with Word, converting "nonbreaking hyphens" to regular Word hyphens, and transmitting them as Word .doc documents to the website. All the WP51\TR\files would have to be interpreted and added, based on entry-points on that wonderful world map you generated. And I hope to bring a DVD of the first set of scanned slides as a test case to Carolyn's on Sunday.



MEMO 10 TO TRISTAN - 3/2/2008

Here are lists of trips for the seven continent-pages (in date order):

AFRICA (with number of days, followed by year)

Tanzania/France 34 1983
Tunisia/France 41 1984
South Africa (6 countries) 49 1992
Atlantic Ocean Islands 65 1996
Mauritius/Reunion 24 2000
Madagascar 28 2005
Morocco 22 2006
Kenya/Tanzania 17 2006



Antarctica/Australia/N.Zeal. 61 1991



Round the World (IBM) 30 1964
Round the World (Vinton)     130 1971
Round the World (Trans-Siber) 60 1981
Tibet/China 34 1997
Southeast Asia 25 2000
Turkey 19 2001
Yangtze River 26 2001
Japan 20 2007


Australia/Antarctica/N.Zeal. 61 1991
South Pacific/Tahiti/Fiji 40 2001
Pacific Cruise/N.Zeal./Hawaii 26 2004


7 countries 19 1962
5 countries/Morocco 85 1969
10 countries 44 1973
Greek Isles 12 1974
Paris 10 1977
Venice 10 1978
Sicily/Italy 37 1981
France-Northwest 13 1982
France/Train 31 1985
Germany/Turkey 59 1988
5 countries 18 1992
Caves/France/Spain 29 1997
Florence 7 1998
Scotland 26 1999
France/Car 19 1999
Prague 8 2000
Vienna/Krakow 15 2001
Swiss/Alsace 24 2003
Spain 12 2003
Malta 15 2004
Rome 9 2004
Ireland 15 2005
Germany 29 2006
Budapest/Black Sea 13 2006
Ukraine 13 2007



50 States
California     298 1951
North Carolina 50 1956
New York City (first) 2 1956
Washington, D.C. 9 1958
New Orleans/San Francisco 16 1959
7 Northeast States 11 1959
Philly/DC/LA/SF 21 1960
Florida 10 1962
Seattle 3 1962
40 States by Greyhound 99 1963
West/Canada by Camper 40 1968
Ohio 27 1968
Northeast US 25 1969
Washington, D.C. 5 1969
Adirondacks   5 each year 1970-1994
Florida 28 1975
Various US destinations 35 1976
Southeastern US 21 1982
Florida 10 1982
Hawaii 18 1983
Akron 7 1995
Garnet Hill 6 1995
Akron 8 1996
Boston 3 1996
Letchworth Park in NY State 5 1998
Chicago 7 1998
Akron 7 1998
Santa Fe 8 2000
Florida 29 2003
Yellowstone 15 2005
Chicago 8 2006
Ottawa 15 1961
Montreal 7 1961
Vancouver 18 1966
Montreal 10 1967
Canada/US by Camper 40 1968
Westrn/Northrn Canada/Alaska 27 1980
Canada Cruise 9 2002
7 Caribbean islands 11 1966
15 Caribbean islands 22 1978
Mexico 31 1980
Mexico/Copper Canyon 15 2001
Costa Rica 12 2002
Caribbean Cruise 12 2006
Route of the Maya 18 2007



6 countries 25 1965
East Coast Cruise 19 1975
Guatemala 13 1980
Galapagos/Ecuador 28 1991
Amazon/(Iquitos-Belem) 22 2000
Venezuela 15 2002
Bolivia/Upper Amazon 16 2006
Aruba/Bonaire/Curacao 6 2007
Patagonia (Chile) 16 2008



Dreams page lead

I've always found it natural to record my dreams as soon as I wake from them, which could be often in the course of a night. Otherwise, many of the best details have vanished from memory.

In the Short Fiction of ZolnerZone, "Dreams" records my earliest dreams, many of which made permanent impressions on me. Incidentally, "mympths" is my attempt at spelling a word I "knew" from about age 3, but at various times I may have spelled it "mymphths" or "mympts" or other ways. Sorry about that.

Travel, for reasons I've yet to determine, produces unusually vivid dreams, few of which are connected to the travel itself. Maybe being freed from everyday considerations frees my mind to voyage to unusual dream states.

Some are trivial, a few are transcendent. Enjoy them; but, be warned, many are not for prudes.




Marj's excellent job proofreading NOTEBOOKA has helped me clarify much:

1) We agreed that hyperlinks will be indicated by ZONE:DATE   as examples:

a) NOTEBOOK:10/25/96 may refer back to a day's events from DREAMS;
b) DREAMS:5/5/85 may refer to that day's dream;
c) MEDICAL:8/8/88 may refer to some medical event described in that zone;
d) TRAVEL:10/11/05 may refer to a trip that starts on that date;
e) When DIARY pages are eventually included in ZolnerZone, hyperlinks may lead to zones such as DANCE, OPERA, PLAYS, SEX, ACTUALISM, among many others.

2) This leads to the logical idea that only ONE occurrence of a date can appear in each zone. Problems arose:

a) I may have originally, in NOTEBOOK, had paragraphs starting like this:
10/25/78: 11AM: Blah, blah, blah; followed by a paragraph like this:
10/25/78: 4PM: More blah. I ran the two together: only one date.
b) I have lots of paragraphs like this:
11/26/87: Decided to transcribe past notes:
9/24/87: So and so.
10/22/87: More such and such.
11/26/07: WHERE AM I NOW? Doh. Dates out of order? No! Change it:
11/26/87: Decided to transcribe past notes:
Note from 9/24/87: So and so.
On 10/22/87: More such and such. And many other ways.
WHERE AM I NOW? Doh. ONLY 11/26/07 would be the hyperlink.

3) Unfortunately, some of the material already on the site violates the above, and we’ll have to change it eventually. Ugh!

4) This the second or third time I've said this: If I had known that what I was writing would appear on a website, I'd have written MUCH differently.



MEMO 11 TO TRISTAN - 5/7/2008

Here are lists of trips for the seven continent-pages (in date order):

Tanzania/France 34 1983 Africa
Tunisia/France 41 1984 Franctun
South Africa (6 countries) 47 1992 Satrip [note # of days change]
Atlantic Ocean Islands 65 1996 Atlantic.doc [Atlsumm 2 pp]
Mauritius/Reunion 24 2000 Mare2000
Madagascar 28 2005 Madagas
Morocco 22 2006 Morocco
Kenya/Tanzania 17 2006 Kentanz


Antarctica/Australia/N.Zeal. 61 1991 [notes from trip];Antarqry[query ltr]


Round the World (IBM 30 1964  
Round the World (Vinton) 130 1971  
Round the World (Trans-Siber) 60 1981 Rusch180 [slide titles]
Tibet/China 34 1997 Tibet
Southeast Asia 25 2000 Cambodia [4 files, all diff.]
Turkey 19 2001 Turkey & Turkslid
Yangtze River 26 2001 Yangtze & Yantzsl
Japan 20 2007  


Australia/Antarctica/N.Zeal 61 1991  
South Pacific/Tahiti/Fiji 40 2001 Spacific & Spactape [video descr.]
Pacific Cruise/N.Zeal,/Hawaii 26 2004 Kenpac


7 countries 19 1962  
5 countries/Morocco 85 1969  
10 countries 44 1973  
Greek Isles 12 1974  
Paris 10 1977  
Venice 10 1978  
Sicily/Italy 37 1981  
France-Northwest 13 1982  
France/Train 31 1985  
Germany/Turkey 59 1988 Eur2mons [2 files]
5 countries 15 1992 Eurotrip [note # days cx]
Caves/France/Spain 29 1997 Caves [2 files]
Florence 7 1998 Florence
Scotland 26 1999 Scotland
France/Car 19 1999 Francost; Franitin; Frnbycar
Prague 8 2000 Pragphot [slide titles]; Prague
Vienna/Krakow 15 2001 Viencrac
Swiss/Alsace 24 2003 Swissals
Spain 12 2003 Spain'03
Malta 15 2004 Malta
Rome 9 2004 Rome
Ireland 15 2005 Ireland
Germany 29 2006 Germfred
Budapest/Black Sea 13 2006  
Ukraine 13 2007  


California 298 1951  
North Carolina 50 1956  
New York City 2 1956 (first)
Washington, D.C. 9 1958  
New Orleans/San Francisco 16 1959  
7 Northeast States 11 1959  
Philly/DC/LA/SF 21 1960  
Ottawa 15 1961  
Montreal 7 1961  
Florida 10 1962  
Seattle 3 1962  
40 States 99 1963 By Greyhound
Vancouver 18 1966  
Montreal 10 1967  
West/Canada 40 1968 by Camper
Ohio 27 1968  
Northeast US 25 1969  
Washington, D.C. 5 1969  
Adirondacks     5 each year 1970-1994 Travel\Adtrip92; Adtrip93
Florida 28 1975  
US 35 1976 Various US destinations
Westrn/Northrn Canada/Alaska 27 1980  
Southeastern US 21 1982  
Florida 10 1982 Flortrip
Hawaii 18 1993 [note year change]; Hawaii
Akron 7 1995  
Garnet Hil 16 1995  
Akron 8 1996  
Boston 3 1996  
Letchworth Park 5 1998 NYState
Chicago 7 1998 Travel\Chicagotrip98
Akron 7 1998  
Santa Fe 8 2000 Santafe
Canada Cruise 9 2002 Cancruis [2 files]
Florida 29 2003 Flapaul
Yellowstone 15 2005 Yellowst
NY State 2 2005 Edgardo
NY State 2 2006 Edgardo
Chicago 8 2006  


7 Caribbean islands 11 1966  
15 Caribbean islands 22 1978  
Mexico 31 1980  
Mexico/Copper Canyon 15 2001 Coppcany [2 files]
Costa Rica 12 2002 Costaric [2 files]
Caribbean Cruise 12 2006 Caribcr [2 files]
Route of the Maya 18 2007  


6 countries 25 1965  
East Coast Cruise 19 1975  
Guatemala 13 1980  
Galapagos/Ecuador 28 1991 Galap [2 files] & Galslides
Amazon/(Iquitos-Belem) 22 2000 Amaz1; Amaz6; Amazphot; Amazvide
Venezuela 15 2002 Venez
Bolivia/Upper Amazon 16 2006  
Aruba/Bonaire/Curacao 6 2007  
Patagonia (Chile) 16 2008  


MEMO12 TO TRIS: Text for TRAVEL opening page:

I'd lived in Ohio, with brief trips to Pennsylvania to see relatives, until my junior year in high school, in 1950, when my aunt and uncle drove their respective nephews (though my uncle's "nephew" turned out in the end to be his SON from a prior marriage!) to California. I remember my astonishment at the city streets of Chicago: whole blocks of storefronts with no empty lots at all! Then further west were the never-ending plains of Nebraska, the spectacular Wasatch Mountains outside Salt Lake City, and the even more spectacular Sierras. Lived in Salinas during the school year 1950-1951. The Army ROTC sent me to Summer Camp in North Carolina and the Reserves sent me to Fort Meade, Maryland, which I left for a two-day weekend in New York City in 1956, where I fell in love with the city. I moved there the day after I graduated from Akron University.

In 1962 IBM supported a trip offered by the Escoffier Society to Europe for 19 days; my idea of touring Europe before was seeing London, Paris, Rome, and maybe one or two other capitals, but the trip went through enchanting small towns like Niederbron-les-Bains, Grasse, Siena, and other places in France, Italy, and Switzerland that said there was more to travel than just going to big European cities. In 1964 IBM offered a 30-day trip Around the World, and I found more countries I wanted to see in detail. In 1971 my lover and I found a Dutch travel agent who scheduled us around the world in 130 days. On my first trip to India we visited three cities; on my second trip to India we visited over two dozen cities and towns, and I still want to see more. About that time I glanced through my Encyclopedia Britannica World Atlas and found that I seem to have visited some destination on most of the 117 pages. Assigning dates to each page for when I first visited a location on it, I found that I was lacking a date on only 14 pages. Being a completist, I made sure I visited my 50th state, Alaska, and my last Canadian province or territory, Northwest Territories, on one trip. Afterward, they formed Nunuvit, which I'm still missing.

I took in my last two continents on one trip to Australia and Antarctica in 1991, avoiding the dreaded Drake Passage and assuring myself of getting south of the Antarctic Circle by leaving for McMurdo Sound from Hobart, Tasmania. The last page was conquered in 2002 when I finally visited Angel Falls in Venezuela. By that time I'd long ago qualified for entry into the Century Club, but I was turned off that group by a rowdy crowd that had chartered a ship to circumnavigate the near-Antarctic islands and treated Shackleton's grave on South Georgia Island with less reverence than I thought appropriate. Their count (having been to 170 of their 315) is rather artificial, however, and I prefer the statistic that I've visited 112 of the 193 United Nations countries.

By coincidence, at age 70, I took seven trips. That "forced" me to take six trips with age 71, and five trips at age 72, figuring to work down with one fewer trip each year until I reached a time when I felt I wasn't "forcing" myself to travel. In response to the question "Where HAVEN'T you been than you want to go?", the answer for many years was Vienna. With Vienna visited in 2001, I settled on St. Petersburg as the next "trophy" destination, now scheduled for July, 2008. After that, I figured the next most-wanted stop might be Dubai, but I'd rather like them to finish most of it before I visit, though a friend and I have had a discussion about February, 2009, which may be premature, but it's hard to find a friend willing to split a current $2600/night stay in a two-bedroom duplex in the world's only 7-star hotel. We'll see.

Tris: That's the end of the TRAVEL intro. If it's too long, let me know.

To start filling data for some of the specific trips on the website:

Tanzania/France: I'd planned a package trip with a friend, but when he canceled I made plans in Paris for a truck-tenting trip to the three major areas of Tanzania: the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Lake Manyara. The Dutch group spoke English, but I had the advantages and disadvantages of being the only person in a two-person tent that I had to put up and take down daily. Slamming my wrist on a chair in the back of a truck gave me my first hint of arthritis. The trip ended in Arusha with a British group climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, tough!

Tunisia/France: Two brothers and I met in Paris and flew to Tunis, where we shared rooms and bed-partners; I did some independent travel to the interior of Tunisia, and we had incredible meals in Puymirol, Eugenie-les-Bains, and Bordeaux in France.

South Africa: A couple I'd met on the ship to Antarctica put together a 30-day Abercrombie and Kent 14-chartered-flight private-plane tour of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. On my own I traveled around Johannesburg and got to Bophuthatswana. A very expensive trip.

Atlantic Ocean Islands: Marine Expeditions in Canada, now defunct, offered a very inexpensive (like $3000 for 50 days) ship repositioning from the Antarctic to the Arctic: starting in Ushuaia, landing on three islands in the Falklands, South Georgia, Tristan da Cunha (passing Gough and Inaccessible), St. Helena, Ascension, Cape Verde, three islands in the Canaries, two islands of Madeira, and landing in London, from which I took the Channel Tunnel to Paris.

Mauritius/Reunion: A friend found a cheap round-trip that started in London with the London Eye, the Millennium Exposition, and a great Art Deco exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Then we flew to the middle of the Indian Ocean for a very British Mauritius and a very French Reunion, with glorious surf.

Madagascar: The same friend as above wanted to see lemurs, and lemurs and aye-ayes we saw as we flew, mostly, to the extreme north, south, east, and west of this enormous, heavily populated, and hugely untouristed island.

Morocco: The same friend, enchanted with a tour that took us into the original Lascaux and Altamira caves, engaged an expert on prehistoric Moroccan drawings and sculpture all around the country, almost hitting the border of Algeria. Though I'd been to many of the same cities 37 years ago, I'd forgotten lots.

Kenya/Tanzania: The border between these two were closed when I'd gone to Tanzania 23 years earlier, but I was a fan of Isak Dinesen, enjoyed a balloon over the Masai Mara, and even returned to the Ngorongoro Crater, where we were held in place for about an hour by a pack of a dozen lions lying against our Land Rover. It was proven to me that repeat visits could be equally exciting.

ANTARCTICA: Flew New York-San Francisco-Hawaii-Fiji-Auckland-Melbourne for a mind-bending three days (including International Dateline), toured Australia to Canberra, Sydney, Alice Springs, Ayres Rock, and King's Canyon; then to Tasmania for Hobart and the Frontier Spirit, now the Bremen, for a 24-day trip to Macquarie, the Balleny Islands; Italian, New Zealand, Australian, and US bases around McMurdo Sound (ashore maybe 24 hours in the 24 days); then up to Campbell and Auckland Islands (extraordinary penguins, seals, birds, marine life in each of these places) on the way to Invercargill on the southern tip of New Zealand, sharing the suites of a married photographer-couple who let me sleep on their sofas in their living rooms (and later let me share their Resting Cloud sailing ship on a 28-day trip to the Galapagos and Ecuador that same year, and a 30-day trip around southern Africa the next year) at Milford Sound and Mt. Cook, and I went myself to Christchurch, Wellington, and Rotarua northward to Auckland for the tedious return to the United States, spending two Tuesdays in Hawaii, again thanks to the International Dateline.

IBM Round the World: Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Osaka in Japan; Hong Kong; Bangkok; Calcutta, Agra, and Delhi in India; Karachi in Pakistan; Cairo, Beirut, Damascus, Jerusalem, and Athens on the way back. A monsoon in Hong Kong robbed us of two days in Bangkok, and a Lufthansa engine-problem forced us back to Karachi, after which 22 of the 23 of us were sure we were going to die during one dreadful day in bed in Cairo, thanks to a Karachi Yakini Chicken dinner.

130 days Round the World: Los Angeles, Hawaii (Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii for 11 days), Kyoto for a week, Taipei 5 days, Hong Kong 2 days, Macau, Borneo (as it was then) 5 days, Singapore 1 day, Java 5 days, Bali 6 days, Djakarta 1 day, Thailand from Bangkok to Chiang Mai 9 days, Burma (then Rangoon and Pagan) 5 days, Nepal 14 days including a trip to the Tibet border and a glimpse of Everest, then India: (Bubaneswar, Konarak, Puri, Calcutta, Benares, Khajuraho, Agra, Delhi, Srinigar, Pathankot, Kulu, Manali, Naggar, Chandigarh, Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Bombay, Hyderabad, Madras, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Kerala, Thekkady, Madurai, Tiruchirapali) 42 days, Ceylon (Hikkeduwa, Kandy, Anuradhapura, Pollonaruwa, Sigiriya) 7 days, Athens 1 day, Lisbon 6 days. Exhausting, stimulating, and I really want to see even more of India.

Trans-Siberian Round the World: Fly NYC to London; train to Edinburgh 2 days, Glasgow 2 days, Oban, Iona, Glasgow 2 days, London 2 days, ferry to Calais, train to Paris 2 days, Berlin 3 days, Warsaw 2 days, change bogies for Trans-Siberian Express in Brest, Russia: to Moscow 4 days, Europe-Asia obelisk, stops in Novosibersk and Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk 2 days, stop in Ulan-Ude; into Mongolia to Ulan Bator 4 days; change bogies for China: Datong for Yungang Caves, Peking 4 days, Xian 2 days, Loyang for Longmen Caves, Nanking for 3 days in hospital, Shanghai 3 days, Canton 3 days, to Hong Kong to fly alone to Manila 2 days, Guam 2 days, Saipan 1 day, Koror 2 days, Yap 2 days, Ponape 3 days, Oahu 2 days, San Diego 3 days. Group went WEST back to the states from Hong Kong; I decided it was closer (and more adventurous) to fly EAST from Hong Kong.

Tibet/China: Fly NYC-LA-Beijing, then to Chengdu for 2 days, Lhasa (including Norbulinka, Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Samye Monastery, and Tse Dang) 6 days, Beijing 3 days, Xian 1 day, fly to Dunhuang, train to Turfan (has anyone even HEARD of the Gaochang ruins or Astana tombs or the Thousand-Buddha Caves of Bezikalak or the Jiao-He ruins?). bus to Urunqi 2 days, fly to Kashgar 2 days, fly to Xian 3 days, fly to Hong Kong 4 days.

Southeast Asia (2000): Leave JFK on Friday, Narita on Saturday, and land in Bangkok on Sunday. Fly to Siem Reap for Angkor 3 days, Bangkok 3 days, bus to Kanchanaburi and barge on the River Kwai, Bridge on River Kwai, Suphanburi Bird Sanctuary, Kamphaeng Phet, Sukothai, Chiang Mai, Tachilek in Burma, Mae Ping Elephant Camp, Chiang Rai, Bangkok 3 days, Hanoi 3 days, Halong Bay, long return from Bangkok.

Turkey (2001): Istanbul 3 days, fly to Ankara, bus to Kapadokya, Gorem, Uchisar, Kymakli, Konya, Antalya, Phasalis, Myra, Gocek, Bodrum, Halicarnassus Mausoleum, Kusadasi, Ephesus, Pergamon, Troy, Gallipoli, Istanbul 2 days.

Yangtze River (2001): 5.5 hour flight to San Francisco, 12 hour flight to Shanghai. Bus to Suzhou. Train to Hangzhou 2 days. Beijing 4 days. Xian 1 day. Chungching 1 day. Board Princess Elaine on Yangtze River to Fengdu, Wushan, Three Gorges, Gezhouba Dam. Off ship at Wuhan, fly (in lightning storm!) to Guangzhou, train to Hong Kong 2 days. Shenzhen tour on my own. Fly to Ho Chi Minh City in South Vietnam 4 days, Fly to Hong Kong, San Francisco, NYC.


South Pacific (2001): Fly NYC-LA-Papeete. Board Aranui: 2 days to Takapoto in the Tuamotus, 2 days to Ua Pu in the Marquesas, then to Nuku Hiva, Hiva Oa, Fatu Hiva, back to Hiva Oa, Ua Huka, Nuku Hiva for 9 days in the Marquesas. 2 days to Rangiroa in the Tuamotus, then fly to Moorea 7 days. Fly to Easter Island 3 days. Fly to Papeete 1 day, Bora Bora 2 days, Fiji (Suva and Nadi) 6 days, Rarotonga 4 days, visit Aitutaki, fly Rarotonga-LA-Denver-NYC.


Caves/France/Spain: Madrid 4 days, via Bilbao (no museum yet) to Santillana del Mar 2 days, Altamira Cave, Biarritz 2 days, St. Bertrand de Commingues, Pujols, Gargas, Niaux, and Pech Merle Caves, Sarlat, Domme, Les Eyzies, Lascaux Cave, Bordeaux 4 days, Paris 6 days. Lascaux Cave now officially closed to EVERYONE.

Vienna/Krakow (2001): 9 days in Vienna, since I'd never been there before, and 6 dyas in Krakow, since we'd heard it was so beautiful, and took a side trip to Zakopane in the Tatra Mountains.



Amazon (2000): Miami 5 days, fly to Lima, then Iquitos to Jungle Lodge 1 day, then board Lyubov Orlova and start toward Belem. Visit Boros and Huitotos villages, Peruate and Lago Cahocuma. Stop in Leticia, Colombia, and fall on (sabotaged?) planks and get 8 stitches in lower lip for $40 in Hospital San Rafael de Leticia. Zodiac on Rio Urutubinha, Parana do Jacora, Lago Uara, Boca do Cuxui Muni, Boca do Justica, Rio Badajos, Lago Anori, and Manaus for a day. Furo do Moara, Lago Carauac, Boca do Boto, Bio Balajo, Alter do Chao, Breves Narrows, off ship in Belem. Fly via Recife to Miami, Charlotte, and Newark.



TRIS: MEMO 13   6/24/08

I'm tracking Marj's questions and corrections to NOTEBOOKF when I come to the problem of handling the series of sessions with Sharon---which I dubbed the SSS problem. The problem had several facets:

1. How would a button indicate, in NOTEBOOKF, to switch to Sharon's session?
2. How would a button indicate, at the end of Sharon's session, where to go?
3. At ANY button, could it be possible to return to MAIN?
4. At ANY button, could it be possible to leave ZolnerZone and RETURN LATER?

That last question brought up other, very basic, questions:

1. Is it possible to IDENTIFY, in some way, the individual reading ZolnerZone?
2. Would it be possible for him to BOOKMARK where he is, to RETURN there LATER?
3. Is a kind of "I want to come back HERE" list for each reader possible?
4. Or is this the same kind of difficulty as readers commenting ON ZolnerZone?

Ideally, I fantasize a sort of STAR button:


                          I'm leaving, but want to return HERE
      Return to MAIN             < ----  0  ---- >  Continue with this THREAD
                                        \ /
                          Continue as if this button weren't here


I think we've settled the answer to (A)1: a button saying SHARON:5/6/07.
The answer to (A)2 could be the simple statement: hit BACK on your browser.

But another answer could be: continue SHARON thread: SHARON:5/13/07.

Someone finishing a TRAVEL page might just want to continue with the NEXT TRAVEL page, and not return to the NOTEBOOK page that got him to TRAVEL.
Or someone finishing a DREAM might want to continue with the next DREAM.
Or someone, at any time, might want the option implied in (A)3 or (A)4.

What do you think? Of course, ALL of this [shit] requires an EXTRAORDINARY amount of work, time, energy, cross-referencing, money. But we knew that(?).

Even if the "up" alternative is impossible, is it reasonable that I put, say, STARBUTT (ha) where some form of that button would eventually go?



TRIS: MEMO 14     7/2/08

Here's the list of returns (and a few other corrections) for DREAMS:

In 1999:
[Remember, these returns go at the END OF THE LAST PARAGRAPH of the dream.]

2/20      Return to NOTEBOOK:2/20/99
2/22      Return to NOTEBOOK:2/22/99
2/25      Return to NOTEBOOK:2/25/99
3/10      Return to NOTEBOOK:3/10/99
4/8       Return to NOTEBOOK:4/8/99
5/4       Return to NOTEBOOK:5/6/99        Note: dates do NOT agree!
7/28      Return to NOTEBOOK:8/3/99           "    "    "    "    "
8/16      Return to NOTEBOOK:8/16/99
10/7      Return to NOTEBOOK:10/7/99
10/8      Return to NOTEBOOK:10/8/99

           with added line:   [These dreams are also included in TRAVEL file.]


In 11/20/99:  take out hard return after yet,  and run in    but I....

11/26          Return to NOTEBOOK:11/26/99

Also, DREAMS1999 should ALSO end with a right-arrow to 2000.

In 2000:
2/1       Return to NOTEBOOK:2/1/00
2/2       Return to NOTEBOOK:2/2/00
2/3       Return to NOTEBOOK:2/3/00
2/4       Return to NOTEBOOK:2/4/00
2/5       Return to NOTEBOOK:2/5/00
2/11      Return to NOTEBOOK:2/11/00
2/21      Return to NOTEBOOK:2/21/00
2/27      Return to NOTEBOOK:2/27/00
5/23      Return to NOTEBOOK:5/23/00
7/11      Return to NOTEBOOK:7/11/00
7/12      Return to NOTEBOOK:7/12/00
7/16      Return to NOTEBOOK:7/16/00
9/8       Return to NOTEBOOK:9/8/00
11/2      Return to NOTEBOOK:11/2/00

In 2001:
1/30      Return to NOTEBOOK:1/30/01
5/6       Return to NOTEBOOK:5/6/01
5/8       Return to NOTEBOOK:5/9/01      Note: dates do NOT agree!
5/17      Return to NOTEBOOK:5/19/01     "    "    "    "
5/21      Return to NOTEBOOK:5/21/01
9/2       Return to NOTEBOOK:9/2/01

In 2002:
3/20      Return to NOTEBOOK:3/20/02
5/8       Return to NOTEBOOK:5/8/01
5/25      Return to NOTEBOOK:5/25/02
7/2       Return to NOTEBOOK:7/2/02
8/19      Return to NOTEBOOK:8/19/02
8/31      Return to NOTEBOOK:8/31/02
10/6      Return to NOTEBOOK:10/6/02



MEMO 15              7/6/08

TRIS: MEMO 15                  7/6/08
Here's a consolidated list of corrections given in the past, not yet done:

In Another 2/3/00 dream, change to NOTEBOOK:2/3/00, and take out the - 28.
Just ABOVE 2/21/00 dream, add a closed bracket to THERE!?]
AMAZON DREAMS 4/12-5/3 missing
After 5/28/00, take OUT 2-line 5/25/00 (it's already there, above)
I have to figure out why there's none for 9/8-11/20/00

1/24/01  in middle, "bedroom", take out hard return, bring up "door"
1/30/01  change to NOTEBOOK:1/30/01, and take out the - 46.
6/14/01  Capitalize Racing
9/17/01  change to NOTEBOOK:9/17/01, and take out the - 58 (or whatever).

3/20/02  change to NOTEBOOK:3/20/02 and take out the - NN(whatever).

CENSUS - 2028, chapter II, bottom: 1) "Prev" doesn't go, 2) Ch III arrow needed

Journals/Journals by Decades: it should read "NINETIES"
Journals/theninties: Head should read NINETIES; below: Return to Journals

On SHORTFICTION page: remove vertical black bar to left of "Gay"

SFGAY title: Sexy Angel of Death

NOTEBOOKE  9/22/05  replace University Club with Union League Club

NOTEBOOKG  5/14/08  should read DREAMS:5/14/08, not 88

Karma Pill
Metal-Eyed D(I can't read my scribble to see what the third capital word IS)
Sexy Angel of Death
Drilling UN(close up space)DER

What Year Is This?
 The Mix-Up

Therapy Parody
Come to Me.....
Contents of Tell....
 Computer Dialogue
Return button to SHORT FICTION actually goes to SFHUMOROUS

Some of THESE might not even be on the website yet, but change them wherever:

2/25/93  change to DREAMS:2/26/93
1/13/97  delete (in second line) DREAMS:1/11/97, and a space
3/26/97  line 5: laptop [DREAMS:3/24/97]
4/12/97  6 lines from bottom [DREAMS:4/12/97]
1/7/07   11 lines from bottom [DREAMS:1/6/07]   yes, different
2/12/07  6 lines from bottom: DELETE [DREAMS:2/12/07] and a space

DREAMS1996: between 2/25/96 & 5/15/96 WILL BE (yet-to-be-proofed) 21pp. DREAMS

Here's a list of returns for more DREAMS (some of which might not be there yet)

In 1993:
[Remember, these returns go at the END OF THE LAST PARAGRAPH of the dream.]

2/25      Return to NOTEBOOK:2/26/93     yes, different
9/15      Return to NOTEBOOK:9/15/93
10/22          Return to NOTEBOOK:10/22/93
12/10          Return to NOTEBOOK:12/10/93

2/2       Return to NOTEBOOK:2/2/94
7/19      Return to NOTEBOOK:7/19/94

5/5       Return to NOTEBOOK:5/5/95
8/18      Return to NOTEBOOK:8/18/95
9/18      Return to NOTEBOOK:9/18/95
12/9      Return to NOTEBOOK:12/9/95
12/19          Return to NOTEBOOK:12/19/95

1/18      Return to NOTEBOOK:1/18/96
1/22      Return to NOTEBOOK:1/22/96
5/15      Return to NOTEBOOK:5/15/96
6/5       Return to NOTEBOOK:6/5/96
8/27      Return to NOTEBOOK:8/27/96
12/18          Return to NOTEBOOK:12/18/96

1/12      Return to NOTEBOOK:1/13/97        yes, different
1/22      Return to NOTEBOOK:1/22/97
3/5       Return to NOTEBOOK:3/5/97
3/26      Return to NOTEBOOK:3/26/97
4/11      Return to NOTEBOOK:4/12/97        yes, different
5/14      Return to NOTEBOOK:5/14/97
6/10      Return to NOTEBOOK:6/10/97
8/11      Return to NOTEBOOK:8/11/97
8/31      Return to NOTEBOOK:8/31/97
9/2       Return to NOTEBOOK:9/2/97
9/19      Return to NOTEBOOK:9/19/97

2/12      Return to NOTEBOOK:2/12/98
2/19      Return to NOTEBOOK:2/19/98
2/27      Return to NOTEBOOK:2/27/98
4/13      Return to NOTEBOOK:4/13/98
4/24      Return to NOTEBOOK:4/24/98
5/7       Return to NOTEBOOK:5/7/98
5/26      Return to NOTEBOOK:5/26/98
8/18      Return to NOTEBOOK:8/18/98

1/3       Return to NOTEBOOK:1/3/03
3/23      Return to NOTEBOOK:3/23/03
5/9       Return to NOTEBOOK:5/9/03
8/14      Return to NOTEBOOK:8/14/03
8/24      Return to NOTEBOOK:8/24/03
8/28      Return to NOTEBOOK:8/28/03
9/30      Return to NOTEBOOK:9/30/03

2/8       Return to NOTEBOOK:2/8/04
2/25      Return to NOTEBOOK:2/25/04
5/16      Return to NOTEBOOK:5/16/04
5/22      Return to NOTEBOOK:5/22/04
6/13      Return to NOTEBOOK:6/13/04
7/17      Return to NOTEBOOK:7/17/04
9/11      Return to NOTEBOOK:9/11/04
10/18          Return to NOTEBOOK:10/18/04
10/21          Return to NOTEBOOK:10/21/04
10/27          Return to NOTEBOOK:10/27/04
12/20          Return to NOTEBOOK:12/20/04

1/20      Return to NOTEBOOK:1/20/05
2/6       Return to NOTEBOOK:2/6/05
2/27      Return to NOTEBOOK:2/27/05
4/21      Return to NOTEBOOK:4/21/05
6/3       Return to NOTEBOOK:6/3/05
6/18      Return to NOTEBOOK:6/18/05
6/27      Return to NOTEBOOK:6/27/05
8/25      Return to NOTEBOOK:8/25/05
9/10      Return to NOTEBOOK:9/10/05
10/5      Return to NOTEBOOK:10/5/05
10/13          Return to NOTEBOOK:10/13/05
12/13          Return to NOTEBOOK:12/13/05
12/16          Return to NOTEBOOK:12/16/05

1/16      Return to NOTEBOOK:1/16/06
1/31      Return to NOTEBOOK:1/31/06
2/1       Return to NOTEBOOK:2/1/06
2/2       Return to NOTEBOOK:2/2/06
2/11      Return to NOTEBOOK:2/11/06
3/17      Return to NOTEBOOK:3/17/06
3/28      Return to NOTEBOOK:3/28/06
6/12      Return to NOTEBOOK:6/12/06
6/29      Return to NOTEBOOK:6/29/06
7/5       Return to NOTEBOOK:7/5/06
7/12      Return to NOTEBOOK:7/12/06
8/18      Return to NOTEBOOK:8/18/06
8/21      Return to NOTEBOOK:8/21/06
9/7       Return to NOTEBOOK:9/7/06
9/14      Return to NOTEBOOK:9/14/06
9/21      Return to NOTEBOOK:9/21/06
9/30      Return to NOTEBOOK:9/30/06
10/18          Return to NOTEBOOK:10/18/06
10/20          Return to NOTEBOOK:10/20/06
10/22          Return to NOTEBOOK:10/22/06
10/26          Return to NOTEBOOK:10/26/06
10/31          Return to NOTEBOOK:10/31/06
11/7      Return to NOTEBOOK:11/7/06
12/24          Return to NOTEBOOK:12/24/06

1/6       Return to NOTEBOOK:1/7/07          different
1/16      Return to NOTEBOOK:1/16/07
1/23      Return to NOTEBOOK:1/23/07
1/24      Return to NOTEBOOK:1/24/07
2/5       Return to NOTEBOOK:2/5/07
2/9       Return to NOTEBOOK:2/9/07
2/11      Return to NOTEBOOK:2/11/07
2/19      Return to NOTEBOOK:2/19/07
2/23      Return to NOTEBOOK:2/23/07
2/27      Return to NOTEBOOK:2/27/07
3/1       Return to NOTEBOOK:3/1/07
4/18      Return to NOTEBOOK:4/18/07
4/27      Return to NOTEBOOK:4/27/07
5/21      Return to NOTEBOOK:5/23/07
5/23      Return to NOTEBOOK:5/23/07

Then there's the paragraphs with SHARON:

EVERY SHARON will be an anchor: SHARON1, SHARON2, SHARON3, etc.
At the end of SHARON1 should be a button: Go to SHARON2
At the end of SHARON2 should be a button: Go to SHARON3
etc, etc, etc
I'll let you figure out how to go from SHARON in, say 2007, to SHARON in 2008.

I think that's enough for now!



 MEMO 16   10/26/08

10/14/08: 8:30AM: Surveyed past memos to get a basis for this memo, which will eventually celebrate the THIRD ANNIVERSARY OF ZOLNERZONE on 10/26/08.

What I want to do is find: 1) What we've done and 2) What more there is to do.

MONEY: 1) before website: $40,407. 2) to date, a total of $67,018 spent.

10/29/08: WHAT WE'VE DONE: Wanted to get three figures: 1) How big the current website is in megabytes, which Tris said he'd get to me, but he hasn't yet. 2) How many megabytes Marj has already proofread, which I haven't counted yet. 3) How large the final website might be, but I still have no idea of final size.

WHAT MORE THERE IS TO DO: Lots of intermediate tasks come to mind: 1) Finish formatting and combining the LOK (Levels of Knowledge) pages from the Encyclopedia Britannica. 2) Send more travel files on Marj's flashdrive for her future proofreading. 3) Facilitate putting the INDEXING HANDBOOK on the website by a) putting DOUBLE line-ends at ends of paragraphs in TEXT pages so that SINGLE line-ends can be removed, and b) finding an easy way of handling INDEX pages by finding what makes line-ends so difficult to insert. 4) Identify a) number of slides to be scanned, b) number of hours of videotapes to be processed by Pinnacle, c) next steps for the website [this will "quantify" the amount to be handled by the "permanent" last three stacks on my coffee table]. 5) Start combining files for "The Director." 6) Make a definitive play-list. 7) Look at how to handle "John." 8) Continue converting WordPerfect files to Word6 so they can be handled more easily if I can't finish the website. 9) Make a list of benchmarks so that future website anniversaries' progress can be appreciated.



MEMO 17  2/26/09

Coincidentally, it's four months after the last memo. This memo has two parts.

PART 1, below, should be added to encyc_index, as paragraphs below the fourth line which starts "Three-digit numbers....."

The Table of Contents of Encyclopedia Britannica's Outline of Knowledge runs for seven pages. They list the ten parts of knowledge. Divisions within each part are indicated by Roman numerals I, II, III, IV, etc. Sections within each division are indicated by Arabic numerals
     111-133 for part one, divisions I-III,
     211-243 for part two, divisions I-IV,
     311-355 for part three, divisions I-V,
     411-452 for part four, divisions I-V,
     511-563 for part five, divisions I-VI,
     611-629 for part six, divisions I-II,
     711-738 for part seven, divisions I-III,
     811-829 for part eight, divisions I-II,
     911-978 for part nine, divisions I-VII, and
     10/11-10/53 for part ten, divisions I-V.

Note that the FIRST digit of the section number identifies the PART, the SECOND digit of the section number identifies the DIVISION, and the THIRD digit of the section number completes the numerical identification of the SECTION. For example, section number 726 is in PART 7, DIVISION II, and is the sixth section in that division. Part ten keeps its part number intact: section number 10/42 is in PART 10, DIVISION IV, and is the second section in that division.

Pages 20-779 of the Outline of Knowledge detail each section. Each section is outlined: capital letters A-M (in 424) break each section into MAJOR topics;
     each major topic is broken by numerals 1-14 (in 626) into MINOR topics;
     each minor topic is broken by small letters a-u (in 122) into SUB-topics;
     each sub-topic is broken by small Romans i-xlvi (in 313) into BASICS.
Each topic is followed by a reference to the article in the body of the encyclopedia: 16:102-106 is the Rutales article in volume 16, pages 102-106.

Those 760 pages each contain an average of about forty basic articles. No one can use references to over 30,000 articles. But I wanted to include articles that I, personally, found interesting. So I SIFTED THROUGH those 760 pages and noted ONLY those articles I found interesting. If a major topic had 25 minor topics, and I only chose to list five of those topics, my list includes only, say, numerals 4, 7, 13, 14, and 24. If minor topic 7 has 15 sub-topics, and I only include 3, my list includes only, say, letters b, d, and g. The same applies to basics: my list may only include i, vi, and xlvi.

I typed the original 53-page list on a typewriter, using exact spacing for a perfect alignment of the outlined hierarchy: PART THREE, IV, 347, P, 14, j, xxvi was perfectly aligned with each element of PART TEN, II, 10/2, K, 7, b, iii. Sadly, it was impossible to reproduce these pages EXACTLY on the website, so some misalignments are inevitable. I hope this lengthy explanation will help the curious reader use this list as frequently and as usefully as I have.

PART 2, below, should be on a LIFELISTS page which will then lead to the individual lifelists, of which there will be only five or six.

My obsessive-compulsive nature should be clear to everyone by now. Since 1956 I have kept a datebook for each year: in each date of each datebook I recorded what I did on that date. At the end of each year, I typed what I did on each date into a LIFELIST. Since, in the simplest possible description, the purpose of my life is to absorb entertainment, my LIFELIST is a list of my life's entertainments. The breakdown of entertainments went through several evolutions, but ended with a basic eleven categories, which are indicated by the single letter to the left of each entry.
     B are Books, listed by author, with some attempt to alphabetize titles within authors. Some books have no authors (or I didn't record the name of the author), so they appear first in the lists. Some authors are listed as anonymous, and are so listed. In cases of an author taking many names, such as John Wyndham, I tried to list all his books under one name. I'm sure I failed in many cases.
     D is for Dance, whether classical ballet, modern, or some new form that I chose to call dance, rather than anything else, though I can be sure that some Events, and maybe even some Plays, are more properly Dance. Pity.
     E is for Events, which evolved as Art, Museums, Bars, Clubs, and other terms that seemed too specialized, or to overlap, or to confuse. Essentially, anything that is NOT in one of the other categories is listed as an Event.
     I is for Individual, which evolved as Writing, Sickness, Health, Doctors, Decisions, and many other tentative categories, but not Sex, which I value(d) enough to continue to list separately, even after it essentially stopped.
     M is for Movies, which sometimes (but not always) includes Opera and Dance on television. Movies ON television are indicated by an * after the date. Some movies I only skimmed, which are indicated by an s after the date. Some movies I noted specifically (p), after the title, as pornography. Sadly, definitions change drastically over time.
     O is for Opera, to which I had been at first exhaustively addicted. Sadly, too many lousy modern operas "cured" me of that addiction. I regret not having listed primary performers more often. Even I would be impressed. Sometimes, as noted, I will repeat the Opera title in Movies if there's a televised performance. Sometimes, inconsistently, I'll indicate with an * a televised Opera. I try not to alphabetize by foreign articles.
     R is for Restaurants, which are sadly inconsistent, because MOST of the "unlocated" Restaurants are in New York City, or at least nearby. Then, at some point, I thought it more useful to indicate the name of the country, or the city, or sometimes both, before the name of a Restaurant that would make no sense just being listed as a name. Much inconsistency. Not to mention problems with Le, La, Une, L', and other foreign articles.
     S is for Sex, with others or in a group, or (sadly) with unnamed people in various (now gone?) public places. I assure everyone it has nothing whatsoever to do with sex only with myself.
     T is for Travel, which I tried to categorize by country or city, but there are inevitably many Fly, Car, Train, Bus, and maybe even Camel or Elephant entries which shouldn't be there, but there they are. As I've said many, many times, to many, many people: If I'd known any of this would have ended up on a website, I would have kept lists in a much different way. Late in the game it seemed reasonable to introduce a new, VERY inconsistent, category:
     U as United States travel. What's there is there, what isn't there is buried in Travel. Tough.

     After a number of years, the sheer volume of LIFELISTS became difficult to manage. It seemed ridiculous to print all the pages of a complete list for all previous years. But I actually did that early in the year 2000, when it was clear that a two-digit year would make a sensible 1956-2009 list impossible: I made ONE EXHAUSTIVE list for the years 1956-1999, indicating some few entries with the date 51-00-00 when I knew it happened sometime in the 50s, and some few entries with the date 22-02-02, which meant I had no earthly idea when it happened.

     So, Tris, the LIFE9499 file you have should be labeled LIFELISTS FOR 1956-1999. I have no idea why I called it LIFE9499. The LIFE0002 file you put on (incompletely: check past a Section Break, whatever that is, for many more Books, and a complete Dance section) the site with the incorrect title LIFELISTS should be labeled LIFELISTS FOR 2000-2002. There will be more, I don't know how many more. I think I have LIFELISTS FOR 2000-2005, which would make LIFE0002 obsolete. I also think I have LIFELISTS FOR 2006-2008, so there would be AT LEAST three, with entry-points from a page which would properly be labeled LIFELISTS.

I wish you a quick and healthy return from the hospital.