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TRIS MEMO 18                         5/30/09

Finally time to replace all the "lepsum ipsu" text:


California, 1951: For my junior year in high school, my aunt and her husband drove his nephew and us to California, where I went to Salinas Union High School. Great ride out in August, 1951, and bus back to Akron in June, 1952.

North Carolina, 1956: Summer camp in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, via Mammoth Cave, Cumberland State Forest, and Smoky Mountains National Park; 40 days training; return via Kitty Hawk, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Monticello, and Luray Caverns.

New York City, 1956: August 25th, first day in NYC: Empire State Building, "New Faces of 1956," Cinerama. August 26th, walk Wall Street, get picked up, Radio City Music Hall, bus back to Fort Meade for second week of reserve Summer Camp.

New Orleans/San Francisco, 1959: Two weeks' MATS flights to New Orleans for 2 days, Denver, San Francisco for seven days, San Antonio, and Bolling Air Force Base in DC.

7 Northeast States, 1959: Road trip after six-months' active duty training: to New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine (Acadia National Park), and Vermont.

Philly/DC/LA/SF, 1960: Long Christmas vacation: 12/19/60: 2 days in Philly, 2 in DC, fly to LA for five days with Carl, back and forth to SF, more days with Carl, return to NYC 1/8/61.

Canada-Ottawa, 1961: July 8-22 at Camp Drum, doing nothing at Ordnance Summer Camp; weekend sightseeing in Ottawa.

Canada-Montreal, 1961: October 18-24, my first jet flight, dining in Kerhulu, seeing the sights and museums and walking a lot.

Florida, 1962: January 28-February 6: Miami Beach, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Keys and Everglades, Vizcaya, boat and bus tours of town.

Seattle, 1962: August 17-20 for long lines at Seattle World's Fair with Mozelle, who misses plane after we get back from Mount Rainier.

40 States by Greyhound, 1963: $99 for 99 days, hundreds of pages of notes, determined to see the United States before I indulge in European travel, which I find I adore!

Canada-Vancouver, 1966: My three LSD trips, paid for by IBM, including airfare and Hollywood Hospital accommodation. A trip in more than one way.

Caribbean-7 Islands, 1966: December 2-12: With Madge to Barbados, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Young's Island, and Antigua----must have counted Manhattan twice.

Canada-Montreal, 1967: Expo '67 June 9-18 with Larry: See practically every exhibit, including Marlene Dietrich and "Lulu."

HEY: ADDED TRIP: Maritime Canada, 14 days, 1967: August 13-26 with Larry to Nova Scotia, ferry to Newfoundland, back to Sydney, Cape Breton, Prince Edward Island, and the Bay of Fundy; return via Boston.

ADDED TRIP 2: Texas, 9 days, 1968: February 24-March 3 to Houston for an IBM convention, touring NASA, hearing Van Cliburn, and touring Galveston and dining.

Canada/US by Camper, 1968: IBM gave me 40 days (July 27-September 4) to "get travel out of my system" and reconsider my decision to leave. North of Lake Superior with Avi, meet Cyndy in St. Paul, to Mt. Rushmore, Tetons, Yellowstone to meet Chuck, then Glacier Park, Banff, Jasper, Vancouver, Portland, Crater Lake, Bryce and Zion and Grand Canyons, the Jefferson Arch, Ohio, and NYC. I quit IBM September 20.

Ohio, 1968: December 12-26 [change from 27 to 15 days] for Rita's college graduation and visits to Dayton and many of my college friends from 1957.

ADDED TRIP 3: Akron, 12 days, 1969: January 7-18: My father is in the hospital; spend time with his mother; he dies; paternal relatives come to visit.

Northeast US, 1969: October 5-29: Drive to Bill's in Maine, then to Gaspé, Bangor, Campobello, Machais, Boston for Don and Hetch, and NYC by bus, losing a car somewhere along there.

Washington, D.C., 1969: November 13-17: Participate in "March of the Dead" against the War in Vietnam, going to the Smithsonian with Bill's parchments.

Adirondacks, 1970: October 4-10 with John [change from 5 to 7 days]: Climb Ampersand Mountain, canoe Blue Mountain, Eagle, and Utowana Lakes, days at Elk Lake and Avalanche Lake and Cedar River Flow.

Adirondacks, 1971: May 21-23 with Arnie and Norma [change from 5 to 3 days]: Earthquake! Castle Rock, Chimney Mountain, Puffer Pond, and Cedar River Flow.

Adirondacks, 1972: October 9-14 with John [change from 5 to 6 days]: Climb Ampersand, canoe Forked Lake, Adirondack Museum in rain, Upper Sargent Pond.

Adirondacks, 1973: September 29-October 5 with John and Ben and Lucy [change from 5 to 7 days]: Climb Mount Snowy, canoe Blue Mountain Lake, Buttermilk Falls, Vanderwacker Mountain, visit Ben and Lucy in Ithaca.

ADDED TRIP 4: Adirondacks, 7 days, 1974: September 29-October 5 with John: OK Slip, INdian Falls, Black Bug Pond for popcorn snow, Sawyer Mountain and mushrooms, Uncas Trail to Black Bear Mountain and Bug Pond.

Adirondacks, 1975: September 28-October 5 with John [change from 5 to 8 days]: Uncas Trail, Moose Pond past Santanoni Preserve, John's Pond, Upper Sargent Pond from Forked Lake Road, Goodnow Mountain, Catlin Bay on Long Lake.

ADDED TRIP 5: Akron, 6 days, 1975: October 30-November 4: Visit dying grandmother and other family.

Florida, [change to 29 days], [change from 1975 to 1973 and move up to chronological order]: February 3-March 3: Drive with John to Biltmore, Atlanta, Cedar Key, Ringling Museum, Everglades, Palm Beach, Jekyll Island, Charleston, Bull's Island, Pawley's Island, Jacksonville, New Bern, Norfolk, NYC.

Various US destinations: Akron; Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania; Poughkeepsie, NY; Morth Salem, NY. Many short trips of no particular interest.

Adirondacks, 1976: October 2-10 with John [change from 5 to 9 days]: Hour Pond, Cedar River Flow, Goodnow Mountain, Cliffhanger, Adirondack Museum, Silver Staircase.


Caribbean-15 Islands: February 8-March 1: With Azak: Puerto Rico, St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John, Martinique, Santo Domingo, St. Maarten, Saba, San Juan, Nassau, Freeport, Orlando, Bermuda---and again I guess I counted Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Adirondacks, 1979: September 29-October 7 with Dennis [change from 5 to 9 days]:
Osprey Island, Chimney Mountain, Cascade Pond, Lake Lila and Nehasane, Goodnow Mountain, Adirondack Museum, Warrensburg, Tirrell Pond.


Western/Northern Canada/Alaska: June 12-July 8: Fly and bus and boat to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Alberta, British Columbia, and Alaska.

Mexico, 1980: December 9, 1979-January 8, 1980: Palenque, Oaxaca, Mitla, Uxmal, Chicken Itza, Merida, many other ruin sites.


Adirondacks, 1982: September 28-October 2 with John: Cliffhanger, Minnow Pond, Blue Mountain, Upper Saranac, Ely's Chapel, Lake Lila.

Southeastern US, 1982: June 16-July 6: Visit aunt and uncle in Norfolk, friend in Winter Park, and sister and brother-in-law and nephew in Satellite Beach, FL.


Akron, 1995: June 7-13 with Charles: Kennywood Park and Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Geauga Lake Park in Ohio, photograph childhood sites.

Garnet Hill, 1995: September 29-October 4 with Susie: Catskill Game Farm, Watch Hill, Sugar House, Mount Snowy, Balm of Gilead.

Akron, 1996: July 16-23 with Charles: Dorney Park in Allentown and Knoebel's Amusement Park in Elysburg, PA; Akron 4 days; Fallingwater; Lakemont Amusement Park in Altoona, PA.

Boston, 1996: August 2-4: Visit Edgardo and Marina and kids; Isabella Gardner Museum.

Letchworth Park, 1998: May 19-22 [change 5 to 4 days]: With Susie and Griswolds to many diners and parts of park and falls and Wolf Creek, and Corning Glass Center.

Akron, 1998: July 16-22 with Charles: Knoebel's Amusement Park, Rock-N-Roll Museum (Pei), St. Mary's 45th reunion, Cedar Point for 8 roller coasters, other attractions.

Santa Fe, 2000: July 29-August 5 with Fred: Santa Fe Opera for "Rigoletto," "Marriage of Figaro," "Ermione," and "Elektra." Visit Los Alamos.

Mexico/Copper Canyon, 2001: March 29-April 13 [change 15 to 16 days]: With Fred to Tucson and Biosphere 2, Hermosillo, Guaymas, El Fuerte, Pacific-Chihuahua train, bus to Creel, Chihuahua, Bisbee, plane lands in Dulles, train to NYC.

Canada-Cruise, 2002: September 1-9: With Fred: Boston Aquarium, Acadia National Park, Halifax Maritime Museum, Saguenay River, Quebec City, Montreal, train to NYC.

Florida, 29 days, 2003: October 31-November 28: Paul's in DC and North Beach, auto-train to Orlando, visit Laird and Avi; Homestead, Flamingo, Miami, Islamorada, Satellite Beach.

Yellowstone, 15 days, 2005: August 2-16: With Ken, tour park, then ambulance to Idaho Falls and taxi return, then continue tour of park.

Chicago, 8 days, 2006: November 9-16: With Ken for many dinners, Alinea best; Sears Tower roof, Chicago Art Institute, Shedd Aquarium, Oriental Institute Museum.



7 countries, 1962: May 12-30: Escoffier Dining Club hired the Countess Lotte Doria to host this tour to Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Italy, and San Marino, and Monaco. Lotte, Clair (a hairdresser), and a pal and I became an exclusive foursome.

5 countries/Morocco, 1969: March 21-June 13: I could stay away as long as I wanted, having quit IBM, but I got tired after Belgium, France, Spain, Morocco, London, and Amsterdam.

10 countries, 1973: June 9-July 23: Fly via Iceland to Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland (meeting John), Italy, Austria, and Belgium.

Greek Isles, 1974: October 13-25: As assistant (to Spartacus) tour guide on the Stella Oceanis to Greece, Crete, Rhodes, Delos, Mykonos, Volos, Meteora, Skiathos, and Delphi.

Paris, 1977: September 27-October 5: With Dennis on a ridiculously cheap Tower Air charter for just a few hundred dollars.

Venice, 1978: May 1-May 9: With Dennis, again on a ridiculously cheap Tower Air
charter, staying at the Lido de Jesolo, getting to Milan, Mantua, and Verona.

Sicily/Italy: December 15, 1981 to January 20, 1982: Driving with Jean-Jacques from Genoa to Rimini to an entire circle around Sicily, loving Taormina the most.

France-Northwest: July 27-August 8: With Jean-Jacques and Paul M. to the northEAST of France (always get those two mixed) for great dining and museums.

Germany/Turkey, 1988: July 19-September 15: Berlin (6 days), Bayreuth (10 days for "Parsifal," Ring Cycle Premieres, "Lohengrin," and "Meistersinger"), Bamberg, Mainz, then join a Trafalgar Tour to Munich, Ljubljana, Split, Dubrovnik, Medugorja, Skopje, Meteora, Delphi, Athens, Egina, Poros, Hydra, Kvalla, Troy, Gallipoli, Istanbul, Edirne, Sofia, Belgrade, Budapest, Vienna, and Salzburg, ending tour in Heidelburg and Frankfurt; then to Baden-Baden, Genoa to meet Jean-Jacques, Vernazza, Volterra, Siena, Perugia, Gubbio, Pesaro, Pistoia, and Milan for Edgardo's family.

5 countries, 1992: September 13-27 [change 18 to 15 days]: With Joe to Frankfurt, Speyer, Heidesheim, Bad Urach, Illhaursen, Colmar, Konstanz, Paris, Aachen, Cologne, and Dusseldorf.

Florence, 1998: February 19-25: With John to museums, cathedrals, baptistries, gardens, and tombs.

France by car, 1999: October 8-26: With Ken to Marseille, Les Baux, Montpellier, Gorges du Tarn, Laguiole, Conques, Le Puy, Lyon, and Paris.

Prague, 2000: May 9-16: With John to churches, castles, Cesky Krumlov, and Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad).



Egypt/Jordan/Petra, 21 days, 2008: Boat on Nile to Abu Simbel; Cairo and Alexandria; fly to Amman, and then bus to Petra for a VERY busy day.

Tunisia, 15 days, 2009: Tour to Tunis, Dougga, Sousse, El Djem, Kairouan, Sbeitla, Tozeur, Douz, Djerba, and back to Tunis.


Bhutan/Nepal, 23 days, 2009: Fly NYC-Brussels-Delhi-Kolkotta-Paro; bus to Thimpu and Punakha; fly Paro-Kathmandu; fly around Mt. Everest; bus to Pokhara; Seti River whitewater rafting; bus to Chitwan; fly Chitwan-Kathmandu-Delhi-Brussels-NYC.



TRIS MEMO 19                         1/17/10

This memo should have been written on October 26, 2009, the fourth birthday of ZolnerZone.

My personal expenditures on the website have exceeded $70,000.

Much of the work in the previous year has been devoted to TRAVEL and SEXUAL.
   1. All descriptions have been filled in.
   2. Marj continues to proofread trips that will be added when completed.
   3. The round-the-world-with-John and 99-day-US-bus trips are my huge tasks.
   1. Mattachine, WSDG, Orgy, and JOYI have been added in 22 sections.
   2. Private has been expanded with Individuals and Movie houses and will
      soon be expanded with additional sections.
   3. Links to the Journal entries will be added when the Journals are added.

December, 2009, introduced two major milestones.
A. Metatags, keywords, and descriptions are scanned by webcrawlers like Google, and they are in the process of being added to all pages to provide links to ZolnerZone from Internet inquiries.
B. On December 22 Tris e-mailed Tori, Kim, and Bob with subject: The zolnerzone website and my demise or incapacitation: The website exists as a folder on my hard drive labeled "zolnerzone." This can be copied to a DVD and sent to Bob if he requests it. The server is in Cupertino, CA, at Apple. This also takes the form of an "idisk" that is maintained as a membership in Apple's MobileMe where I have 20 gigabytes of storage and my e-mail address for $100/year. It could be left open by Kim or Tori; Bob would have to pay for it and find another webmaster to take over. If something happened to my computer, the entire site folder "zolnerzone" could be copied to a computer from my "idisk" through the tmeiselbach mobileme account. It could also be accessed and copied through Adobe Dreamweaver by doing a "get" on the site. The point of this e-mail is to give two members of my family a heads up, so that Bob would be able to access his information and make whatever arrangements to move forward with ZolnerZone should something happen to me.



TRIS MEMO 20                         3/14/10

I looked at ZolnerZone to find where I'd referred to "The Glass Bead Game."
I found two things:
     1. The first two memos aren't numbered. "The Glass Bead Game" is mentioned in TRIS MEMO 2/3/06---this "should" be TRIS MEMO 1, as the next "should" be TRIS MEMO 2, since all the others are numbered.
     2. HISTORY has memos only through MEMO 17. MEMOS 18-20 should be added.

Glass beads sound relatively less valuable: I want a JEWEL BOX on the website.

Eventually, I want a webpage like the TRAVEL Earth: a strewn array of "jewels" with the following "labels":

     1. "The Glass Bead Game," a link to a paragraph in TRIS MEMO 2/3/06
     2. "The Impossible Dream," a link to DREAMS:3/2/10
     3. "Birth of the JEWEL BOX," a link to JOURNALS:3/2/10
     4. "Stark," a link to Short Fiction/Adolescent/story
     5. "The Old Old Man," a link to Short Fiction/Biographical/story
     6. "A Light and a Sound," a link to Short Fiction/Adolescent/story
     7. "India-Trip Mind-Blow," a link to Travel/Asia/Round the World 1971
     8. "LSD Core Experience," a link to Fiction/Acid
     9. "Movie-House Orgy," a link to Sexual/Private/Moviehouses/6-26-71
    10. "Stoned Ruminations," a link to a Location under construction
    11. "Iwoke," a link to Imagination/Poetry/River/title
    12. "Facade," a link to Imagination/Plays/One-Act/title
    13. "The Connoisseur," a link to a separate page, text below

When each "jewel" is selected, a page appears that has three parts:

     1. A short paragraph explaining why this selection is a "jewel"
     2. A short list of other links related to this "jewel"
     3. The link to the "jewel." Each "jewel" ends with a return to JEWEL BOX

The JEWEL BOX should be added to the site map in The Zone, leaving a blank space under BIO, putting JEWEL BOX just to the left of History B. OK?



TRIS MEMO 21                             7/4/10

I'm sending you six TRAVEL files today:

1) BUTANEPA is already described in TRAVEL\ASIA for 2009. This is the text.

2) EGYPET is already described in TRAVEL\AFRICA for 2008. This is the text.

3) BRITWALE now described for TRAVEL\EUROPE: Days: 22; Year: 2009; Descrpt:
We found a father-son team who knew Wales well. We started in Manchester and York on our own, then went to Wales where the team took us from south to north. Later, we returned to England for Chester and Manchester again.

4) CHICAGO6 now described for TRAVEL\N.AMER.: Days: 8; Year: 2006; Descrpt:
Invited by the Isensteins, we stayed in their house in Highland Park and enjoyed Chicago museums, sights, and restaurants.

5) FIVESTAN now described for TRAVEL\EUROPE: Days: 22; Year: 2010; Descrpt:
Kazakhstan (Almaty), Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek) (avoiding its warring southern regions), Tajikistan (on a quick day's bus tour to Penjikant), Uzbekistan (Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva), and Turkmenistan (Ashkabad), all of them with awful food. Plane landed in Azerbaijan: another country!

6) LABTRIP now described for TRAVEL\N.AMER.: Days: 16; Year: 2009; Descrpt:
Two days in Ottawa; then flight to Kuujjuak; and ship to Killiniq Island in Nunavut; see aurora borealis for an hour; then to Nachvak Fjord, Saglek Bay, Hopedale, Gros Morne National Park, La Poile, St. Pierre and Miquelon, and land in Halifax. Train to Montreal for great La Toqué dinner; train to NYC.

As before, please add this MEMO 21 to HISTORY C, with MEMOS 18, 19, and 20.



TRIS MEMO 22                           7/31/10

Text for JEWEL BOX gems, in the same order as TRIS MEMO 20:

1. Hermann Hesse's Glass Bead Game produced JEWEL BOX. Click here to find why.

2. My dreams are incredible. Start with this one.

3. Read this to find out how this JEWEL BOX came to be.

4. This longish story, "Stark," is a product of my strange adolescent mind.

5. This story, "The Old Old Man," is remarkably prophetic. I love it.

6. My cosmological fantasies are mind-blowing. Read "A Light and a Sound."

7. I've had a number of transcendent moments in life. Taste this one.

8. LSD changed my life. I'll never be the same. Don't try this at home.

9. Sheer raw graphic gay sex: remember, you've been warned.

10. Can imagination be stranger than fiction? Read this to find out.

11. Poetry isn't my forte, but you can start with this if you're adventurous.

12. "Facade" is the best of my one-act plays; it's actually been staged twice.

13. "The Connoisseur" is one of my best short stories. Try it; you'll like it.


TRIS MEMO 23                         8/31/10

The website needs a GLOSSARY; here it is. We'll decide where to put it later.


This is an alphabetic list of terms and names that I know well, and use all the time, but which may not be familiar to readers of ZolnerZone, or may be used in "unusual" ways or frequencies.


Actualism: a form of Agni Yoga taught in New York starting in the 1960s. I attended for a number of years; I still find its meditation form useful. My novel Gain is based on Actualism. Eventually, much more about it will be found in Reality/Adventures/Intellectual/Spiritual/Actualism.

Akashic records: from EB: "...a pictorial record, or "memory," of all events, actions, thoughts, and feelings that have occurred since the beginning of ocean of unconsciousness to which all are linked, making prophecy and clairvoyance possible." I believe in them.

Akron University: awarded me a BS in Physics; I graduated 3rd out of a class of 368; I moved to Manhattan the day after I graduated.

Aunt Helen: my mother's sister; I lived with her and her husband, Uncle Jimmy, in Salinas, California, during my junior year in high school, while my parents were getting a divorce. She never let any of us forget it.

Bill Hyde: my first ex-lover, though I really didn't know it. He's dead, sadly.

Brooklyn: all the advantages of Manhattan with none of the disadvantages.

Carolyn: a sister of my webmaster, Tris.

Charles: he and I went to high school together; he "seduced" me into moving to New York City; we're still friends.

Columbia University: the former AEC (Atomic Energy Commission) gave me a full fellowship for a Master's degree in Nuclear Energy Technology in any one of forty possible universities; Charles's tales of New York City made me choose Columbia. They didn't put the program together and never awarded me a degree.

Cum: orgasm as a verb, ejaculate as a noun, see also Jerk off.

Dennis: my only ex-lover who died of AIDS; second only to John as a lover.

EB: Encyclopedia Britannica, of which I have two editions: 11th and 15th. Intellectual/Other/Levels of Knowledge is an abridgment of the 15th Edition's Propedia: Outline of Knowledge. It's also an expansion of the 11th Edition's Classified Table of Contents at the back of its Index volume. Also, I don't like using the glommed-together æ required for two words in the first two sentences.

Entertainment, absorption of: my definition of the purpose of my life.

Friends, other: they come and go; they know who they are; you don't have to.

Glass Bead Game: described in Hermann Hesse's book of the same name; I always wanted to "play the complex game," and ZolnerZone, I hope, gives you a lot of complex fun.

Grandma: almost invariably my mother's mother; her favorite sentences always started with the words "I must." I take after her in many ways.

HIP: my health-insurance plan, known by some other name now; I still say HIP.

IBM: my one and only "true" 9-5 job from 1957-1969; I loved doing it; I loved leaving it.

Indexing: my "true calling" in life: a perfect wedding of occupation and person; I'm so very sorry that it simply died out as a way of my earning money.

Initials, use of: I wish I didn't feel the need to use them, but I do. This was made more difficult by at least two John C.s. Maybe I'll fill them in when everyone's dead.

Jewel Box: my attempt to emulate Hermann Hesse's Glass Bead Game. I envision it, eventually, as a set of wormholes interconnecting different areas of ZolnerZone.

Jerk off = j/o: an action of life; a pleasure; nothing to be hidden; enjoy it.

John = John A.: my longest-lasting ex-lover, who conveniently caused me to trade Brooklyn for Manhattan; also the eponym of my Novel in Waiting.

Life: the purpose of my life is the absorption of entertainment.

Life after death: will be PRECISELY, EXACTLY, in EVERY WAY, what you think it will be---so you'd better be VERY CAREFUL.

LSD: IBM paid for my three trips in New Westminster, British Columbia, in 1968; I will always be sad about the political nonsense that made its enormous therapeutic use impossible.

Manhattan: the most exciting place to visit in the world, and the noisiest!

Marj: my proofreader; to her I must say I do apologize when I do offend.

Masturbation, see Jerk off.

Mom and dad: Emma and Edward Zolnerzak, both long dead and unable to complain.

Other terms and names may be needed: I won't know unless you tell me.

Proofreading: much has been done; much is not yet done. If anything REALLY bothers you, please let me know.

Rita: my sister; if I offend (if she ever reads anything), I apologize.

St. John's: my grade school and St. Mary's: my high school in Akron, Ohio.

Sharon: my therapist, a CSW and a psychoanalytic psychotherapist; she's great.

Shitting: a fact of life; too much on one's mind, sadly, while traveling. But nonetheless as necessary to speak of as eating and sleeping and jerking off.

Tris: my webmaster; introduced to me by his sister, Carolyn.

1221 Dietz (pronounced twelve-twenty-one): my childhood address in Akron, Ohio, from birth through age 21, when I moved to Manhattan. It was probably the first datum I had to remember.

Wormholes: a legitimate scientific term for "shortcuts" interconnecting different areas of the time-space continuum.

ZolnerZone: explained elsewhere as Zolner's Own; it bears repeating here.



TRIS MEMO 24                         1/31/11

Expanding a tradition started last year, this FIFTH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION memo is substantially after the anniversary date of 10/26/10.

My expenditure on the site to date is $78,986---and it's worth it.

A Google inquiry a few months ago revealed that Google has at last scanned all the pages; unfortunately it revealed a proper name in a context in which I did NOT want the proper name revealed, so it was mixed good and bad news. The proper name has since been abbreviated to an initial.

More files have been "dumped" onto the site without being proofread.

Progress has been slow because I've been slow to move forward: my last trip to Africa (ending two days before the "real" fifth anniversary) left me with many problems to catch up with; a week's guest over Christmas delayed my attending to the website, and I'm only now coming "out from under."

Here's hoping that the JEWEL BOX will soon be available. Add DREAMS:1/31/11 to JEWEL 2, and add FUGUE 2:1/26/11 to JEWEL 6.

And this memo should be added to HISTORY C.



TRIS MEMO 25                         10/11/11

This SIXTH ANNIVERSARY memo arrives before the anniversary date of 10/26/11.

My expenditure on the site to date is $81,181; Tris, sadly, has billed nothing in the past year because I've been so lazy.

More files have been "dumped" onto the site without being proofread.

Marj has "only" 18 trips left to proofread, and then endless DREAM and NOTEBOOK pages---the numbers of these haven't even been counted yet.

Progress has been slow because I've been lazy: my last trip to Eastern Turkey left me with many problems to catch up with; only yesterday I sent photos of the participants to them and have re-started dialogues with them. Sadly, indexing hasn't been a conflict because I've only had two jobs this entire year. PITY! And the JEWEL BOX continues to make me feel guilty.

On 4/22/11 I stopped work on IBMRTW: almost SIX MONTHS AGO! I just want to get some form of it ON THE SITE, without proofreading. I told myself I'd get back to that when I finished with this---SO BE IT: this is now FINISHED!

This memo should be added to HISTORY C.



Tris MEMO 26                             8/7/12

Just completed TRAVEL, JOURNALS, and DREAMS to date. A new base holds the website that hasn't caught up with all I've added to it yet. I'm determined to add the first draft of JEWELBOX, and most of the PLAYS. That's a lot to do.

I've submitted Jewelbox pages 1-7, 10-11, and 13. I've not yet submitted pages for 8, 9, and 12; they'll come later. There's NEW text for the following:

3. Early accomplishments? Try these!

4. Glossary defines often-used terms.

5. Messiah-ism? You got it! Hit this!

6. If you want to control pages, use these URLs.

The others remain the same.

PLAYS will need a table of contents, like Short Fiction/Biographical, if you can still make "blue bubbles;" or like Short Fiction/Ideas, if you have to be more graphical. There will be roughly twenty plays.

This memo should follow Tris Memo 25 on the website.


TRIS MEMO 27                        10/16/12

This memo anticipates by ten days the SEVENTH anniversary of the website.

It's been a relatively busy year, reflected in costs-to-date of $89,627.

Marj has only TURKEAST and ITAPUGLI to finish to complete current trips, and she will then start on DIRECTS for "The Director," followed by other plays.

Between 7/1 and 8/22/12 I sent Tris 164 files for JOURNALS, TRAVEL, DREAMS, and PLAYS; he's posted about 80 files, leaving about 84 still to process. This chunk has, very roughly, 30 megabytes of text, very roughly 20% of the site.

This leaves, as a VERY brash guess, about 100 files left for major topics like ACTUALISM, MOVIES, ENTERTAINMENT, and other files from the more-distant past.

So there's a huge amount done, and a huge amount left to go. Optimistically, I can think that the website is half finished. Not to mention, at all, VISUALS.

This memo should follow Tris Memo 26 on the website.


TRIS MEMO 28 10/31/13

This memo lags by five days the EIGHTH anniversary of the website.

It's been a relatively busy year, reflected in costs-to-date of $104,584.

Marj has finished proofing all current trips and all plays; her next job will be the journal of my trip to India that starts on 12/25/13.

Tris has been busy making the website accessible to iPhones and similar non-traditional non-computer gizmos. It looks great!

I’ve started John working on transcribing portions of old letters: ancient history from 1957-1970s, pre-computer copies of letters I kept. These will furnish dozens of new files through next year.

There are still a number of files left for major topics like ACTUALISM, MOVIES, ENTERTAINMENT, and other files from the more-distant past.

So there's a huge amount done, and a huge amount left to go. Optimistically, I can think that the website is more than half finished. Now to mention VISUALS: I spent $2000 with FotoBridge to convert 17,221 slides to DVDs that can be processed to make digital travel programs. I can caption these and submit them on a flashdrive to Tris---at some point.

I found it would cost over $1700 to convert my 74 camcorder reels, about 150 hours of travel from early, pre-digital, trips, and I’m hoping that the program that I ordered years ago, Pinnacle, will help me digitize these. I look forward to trying this on my new computer, a Toshiba I just got delivered yesterday, providing me a terabyte of storage for $1007. Good luck to me. As a measure of optimism, I ordered a Microsoft update of my DOS indexing program CINDEX. Let’s hope I have enough business to warrant that $342 expense.

This memo should follow Tris Memo 27 on the website.


Tris Memo 29 4/26/14

Urge to write this memo on the 9 ½ birthday of zolnerzone.

I made a map of the current website, to find that, in Travel
North America has 72 trips
South America has 10 trips
Antarctica has 1 trip
Europe has 35 trips
Africa has 11 trips
Asia has 10 trips
And Australia has 3 trips
For a total of 142 trips
In Short Fiction
Adolescent has 16 stories
Biographical has 26 stories
Gay has 20 stories
Humorous has 6 stories
Ideas has 46 stories
Science Fiction has 22 stories
For a total of 137 stories
In History
There are 29 memos (including this one)
In Journals
There are 63 files for years 1950-2012
In Dreams
There are 45 files for years 1950-2012
There are 30 Plays
There are over 55 other major headings, which means
There are over 500 files in zolnerzone.

“Still to send” includes Compchro, India, Dreams 2012-current, Journals 2013-current, Medical, and
probably over a dozen more files, including a new file for excerpts from letters from 1956-1990, currently being typed by John Vinton, which will have pieces of letters to/from about 20 people.

“Under construction” includes Diary/Diary pages, Long Fiction/Not Improbable, Long Fiction/Throwback,
Intellectual/Indexing, Lifelists/2009-current, Intellectual/Nonfiction/Other, and Visuals.

So the VERBAL contents of zolnerzone are nearing completion, and “Under construction” contents are reducing, with Visuals as the biggest item of concern. I looked at a representative DVD (of which I have about 17) that contain my 17,000 slides. This one happened to have 983 images in each of two formats: JPEGs at 3.69mb, 6.02mb, and 6.24mb for the first three images, each of which is 2583 x 1736 pixels(?); and Web Images at 76kb, 138kb, and 110kb for the first three, each of which is 800 x 541. If I have to go “picture by picture,” as I did with the twenty-or-so Galapagos images, this will clearly take years.

The website looks fabulous on my iPhone5, except for tiny glitch of not showing past Intellectual/Other.