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From 1958 to 1982 I kept JOURNALS which were incorporated into a 15,000-page DIARY which includes some, but not all, of my TRAVEL, which is supplemented by 8,000 SLIDES and 50 two-hour VIDEOTAPES.

JOURNALS: Files JA, JB, JC, JD, JE, JF, JH, JI, JJ, JK, and NA, each roughly 800k or 300 pages: about 3,600 pages, one for each day. [Daily 1968-1982]


DIARY: Files, each roughly 500k or 200 pages: about 4,800 pages, include-

NO: Enlightenment

SB: Subjective

SF: Short Fiction

ST: Straight Events

SUBJ: Philosophy

AC: Actualism

AD: Dreams

AH: "Acid House," a novel

D1: Dreams


GO: Gay: Orgies

GP: Gay: Private

I1: Interlardings

J1: John: Notes for a novel

L1: Learning

LF: Longer Fiction

M1: Mattachine and WSDG

N1: Humor and Notes

ND: Dance Reviews

NE: Essays

NF: Nonfiction

NM: Movie Reviews

PG: Gay Groups

PT: Places and Things

TRAVEL: Files TA, TB, TC, TE, TF, TG, TH, TI, each roughly 900k, or 320 pages: about 2,600 pages, roughly my first 25 trips, with two more volumes of 50 more recent trips: about 1,000 pages.

SLIDES: From trips 20-80, including captions.

A future TABLE OF CONTENTS will list all diary page topics, including added files of:

FN: "Gain," a novel of the future, about 350 pages.

IX: "Indexing Handbook," about 800 pages.

PLAYS: One full-length, "The Director," and 30-40 one-acts.

LISTS: Contents to be determined.

NOTEBOOK: Current notebook, about 500 pages.

DREAMS: Current list, about 250 pages.


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Welcome to ZolnerZone


A Zone is an entirely original concept for a domain on the Internet.

A Zone is a life, a legacy, an individual, a personal universe.

A detached person is said to "zone out."

Now you can "Zone in" to the very essence of an individual's being.

ZolnerZone is the first Zone: Bob Zolnerzak's own: Zolnerzak's Own: ZolnerZone.

Eventually, I predict, Zones will be domains equal to Coms, Orgs, or Countries.

Zones are not Blogs, contributed by many; Zones are the Individual's Owns.


ZolnerZone came into existence in January, 2006, with the generous assistance of Tristan Meiselbach, on his site The first draft, Zolnerzak's World, on 10/26/05, was updated to ZolnerVerse on 12/14/05, and 30 mb of files were transmitted on 12/6/05. The first ZolnerZone e-mail is dated 12/25/05. This page was generated on 1/18/06. ZolnerZone begins to come to life on it Zone.




Couldn't stop thinking about ZolnerZone. Lots of new ideas: respond please.

  1. CONSTRUCTION: a new area in ZolnerZone, not in the "mainstream," but off to the side, so that old ideas (like page 2, here) can be kept and "mined" for possibly useful NEW ideas. My e-mail to you last night would be included. This memo, then, would become page 4 in CONSTRUCTION.

  2. RESPONSES: a new area in ZolnerZone. Your "respond to" led me to wonder if responses to ZolnerZone couldn't somehow be INCLUDED in ZolnerZone itself: for example, if Carolyn looks at all this and has some good ideas about content or organization, could she actually respond IN ZolnerZone, in the same way that responses to blogs become parts of blogs. In a more basic way, can the number and identification of "hits" be retained?

  3. JEWELS: new sub-areas in ZolnerZone. For EACH area (per my e-mail yesterday, "each area" would include Fiction, Journals, Travel, Enlightenment, Erotica, and Reviews) (per this memo, "each area" would include Construction and Responses) (and of course there will be many more new areas) Jewels would be small (ranging in size from a sentence to a paragraph to a page) excerpts from the area, selected both by myself and by responders, that would give a teasing taste of what each area contains, with a link to the location in the area from which the Jewel was extracted. I have lots of ideas for many of these right now.

  4. The Glass Bead Game. Hermann Hesse's book inspired some of my early writings. My 1970 paperback edition of "Magister Ludi (The Glass Bead Game translated from the German Das Glasperlenspiel)" has this paragraph as its first words: "Something like chess but far more intricate, the game of Magister Ludi known as the Glass Bead Game is thought in its purest form, a synthesis through which philosophy, art, music and scientific law are appreciated simultaneously....the conflict between, and the need to synthesize, thought and action, intellect and the flesh."

ZolnerZone embodies a vast interconnected web of writing and graphic material that may be mined for Jewels---Glass Beads---which may be gathered, interlinked, displayed and assimilated in mosaics which satisfy many inquiries and longings.






E.g. SFA = Short Fiction Adolescent.
* indicates items also appearing in other sections.


E.g. A Large, Black Umbrella appears in Adolescent and Science-fiction.



I     G     Ideas for Stories
I           Child's World (missing pages at end)
I           Another Parable of New Yorkers
B     G     Play from Columbus Circle
I     S     One Story / Two Stories
I           Novel Novel Form
P           Beach Poem
G     S     Science-Fiction Gay Short-Short
I           War-Story Idea
H           Come to me My Melancholy Baby, and Let me ‑‑‑
B           Acid House pages for Elaine
B     P     Homage to River # 16
P           Wildfall
P           Christmas Songs Given to Marty
B     I     Love Thoughts
B     T     Notebook: Around the World
B           Bullfight!
S           The Ultimate Mandate
I     S     "Not Improbable" with corrections
E           The Mafia and Morality
E           America's "Spirit-Drain"
S     H     The Contents of the Tell-Manhattan Library
G     I     Lesbian short-story idea
G     B     Twenty Stops on the Pelham Bay Local (Art Ostrin)
G     B     First Day
P           Eating Song for "New York City"
I     S     Karma pill and mind-turning-on-star stories
H     B     Computer dialogue
B     G     Between Years pages 1 to 32 (missing pgs. 16-17)
P           "Universe" poem
L           College poetry-work
P     H     Prose and Rows
P           Kazrenloz treboR
E           Chinese as evolutionary leaders
I     B     Grandma's Band
B           Grandma's wake, first session
B           Grandma's wake, second session
B           Dinner at Helen's
I     B     Last of the Sensualists
I     B     Modernizing Faust
I     S     Metal-eyed beauties and where ARE they?
I           Book ideas from the FAR past
I     G     Sexy angel of death again
I           Story: Drilling UNDER Federal Reserve Building
I  G  H     Comedy monologue for Dennis
I     G     Idea for bodywork play

        99 items in all here, with 143 resulting items in the Zone.