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ZONE memo 2 of 5/20/06

Can't quite get my head around it, so I'll WRITE it out as I've done before:

I tried laboriously scanning TITLE pages, but, with tedious corrections, each page took about 2 hours. RETYPING each page only took about 20 minutes, but that was even MORE tedious, and for 13 pages of 78 pages done, equalling 65 pages to do, or 22 hours! What a bore!

But then I thought: do I NEED to do this? What the list did was show which volume and page number, of the about 50 volumes, each DIARY title was allocated into. Example: E283 517-523 Stamps (August 29) means that DIARY pages 517-523, about Stamps, typed on August 29, 1969, were in Volume E (Essays) pages 283-289.

But about a year ago I TOOK APART all 50 volumes and put the pages in DIARY order (finding a lot of missing pages into the bargain), in which they now remain for reference, in 34 volumes, the first 33 of which each have 500 DIARY pages.

So the original 50 volumes are GONE.

AH, the original thought hits me now: so just scan the DIARY numbers and TITLES, leaving OFF the hand-written volume numbers which cause most of the scanning problems.

But, again, why do I NEED these titles in DIARY-page order?

1) A trivial answer is that ALL the volume-contents "should" be in ZolnerZone.

2) A deeper answer is that they show topics IN ORDER, interspersing, for example, Jury Duty days with Mattachine meetings and Books read and Plays attended and Sex and other activities during that specific time-period.

Again, WHY?

ZolnerZone, now being implemented, has been divided into areas INDEPENDENT of DIARY-page number. You want Fiction, go to Fiction; you want Journals, go to Journals. The Journals, primarily, refer to other DIARY pages. THESE are the links among the DIARY pages. If the Journal reads "Saw movie XXX (see DIARY-5473)," DIARY-5473 will be a LINK to the movie-review DIARY-page 5473, with either 1) a "Return to Journal" button at the end (whether at the end of one page or at the end of a multi-page review) to go back to reading the Journal page, or 2) a "Return to Main" button to go somewhere else, or 3) an Exit button---which hasn't been mentioned yet, I don't think.

Some links are artificial: 1) Back when I was determinedly typing one journal page each day, I might refer to five or six "subsequent" DIARY pages covering five or six different topics, but now these are widely separated in ZolnerZone, accessible only by DIARY-page link. 2) Travel, rather perversely it now turns out, is difficult because I kept notes which were later referred to in the daily Journal pages, so there's a constant referring back and forth between Journal, Travel, and other topics. 3) Other pages: essays, stories, poems, miscellaneous notes, were given DIARY-page numbers just to incorporate them into the DIARY. They "exist by themselves" in their ZolnerZone section with little to link them except the Main menu.

So, let's see how long it takes to scan a page WITHOUT the volume numbers.

5/27/06: Scanning went well; [[[TRIS: need TITLES button at end of this page.]]]




Again our talk on the phone yesterday has raised a HOST of issues:

A) Please add the date 2/3/06 to "ZOLNERZAK'S WORLD -- HOME PAGE"

B) Put that page in HISTORYB, followed by the "SF title code-allocation pages" (adding the date) you e-mailed me yesterday, followed by THIS memo

C) SOMEWHERE there'll have to be a "USAGE" page, which will include this:
     1) ZolnerZone falls into two sections differently organized:
          a) DIARY section: 15,000 source pages from 1958 to 1982, including:
               i) JOURNALS, daily, many (not all) pages with DIARY numbers
               ii) TRAVEL, (TA-TI) many (not all) pages with DIARY numbers
               iii) TITLE PAGES, giving titles to all non-journal pages, like
                    A) all pages in files-list on 2/3/06 memo
                    B) small independent pieces
               iv) Large independent pieces, like GAIN, ACID HOUSE, PLAYS, etc.
          b) Everything from 1982 and after, including:
               i) NOTEBOOKS, which essentially replaced JOURNALS with no DIARY
                    numbers, only dates
               ii) DREAMS, with no DIARY numbers, only dates
               iii) TRAVEL, by location, no DIARY numbers, only dates
               iv) VISUALS, format to be determined
                v) Other things I've overlooked for now

D) Just talked to Carolyn: "Oh, I thought that was just a backup rtf-CD, but I think I threw it out already anyway. Didn't think to give it to Tristan." Ummmmm. But, then, most files weren't OK anyway.

E) Now C) 1) a) i) has a problem. DIARY numbers on JOURNAL pages will probably not be clicked to DIRECTLY, but someone reading early TRAVEL might want to go to the day for more details. So I'll probably NOT DELETE the DIARY numbers, but they MAY not need to be LINKS.

F) Here's a "big idea" I don't think I mentioned to you. Early TRAVEL pages alternate with JOURNAL pages in great part, so---here it is---not ONLY do I want the TRAVEL "all together" and the JOURNAL "all together" (by which I mean in sequential order under their own buttons), but I ALSO want a DUPLICATE section of ALL DIARY PAGES IN DIARY-NUMBER ORDER (with a complete list of non-journal topic-titles in diary-number order, already done). So, not like 15,000 DIARY pages on the website, but 30,000 pages in two sets, in different order, for different reading purposes. Crazy? I hope not, because I think it's a great idea. Of course this doesn't apply to ALL the files; only ones that overlap, like NO,SB,ST,AC,GO,GP, Li,M1,ND.NM,PG,PT, and maybe some others. Of course I will have to furnish the pages for the files!!!

G) To add to the madness, I figure to keep the ORIGINAL rtf files in case my editing "for appearances" destroys something I'd wished later I'd kept.

H) Questions for me:
     1) do "diary included" TRAVEL pages USE DIARY-XXXX references to JOURNAL pages, or just by DATE?
     2) are ALL "pre-diary" pages given DIARY-XXXX references?
     3) ask lawyer about NAMES, dead names? "harmless mention" names?
     4) how to address "see next page" problem in early journals?
     5) how to address Sherryl's comments and proposed changes?



MEMO 4 TO TRISTAN - 9/18/2006

Other things took priority the last few weeks, but I've GOT to start this NOW!

Making my will crystallized my need to find contingent care for the ZolnerZone website, on which I conservatively estimate I have spent over a half-million dollars in time and money (and which is thus extremely valuable to me) currently maintained by Tristan and Carolyn Meiselbach, which I theorize will be able to stand on its own (whether through 1) advertising, 2) fees for access or for downloading pages, or 3) a "trust fund," the interest from which would provide a Webmaster salary into the indefinite future) in five years.

But what to do in the intervening five years if something happens to me AND to the Meiselbachs? None of the executors of my will wanted anything to do with it. Then I thought of my sister, Rita Robinson, my major beneficiary, and she agreed that she would be willing to take responsibility for the maintenance of the site, if necessary, at least for the next five years, until it could "stand on its own."

"Maintenance of the site," at this point, includes the following tasks:
1) Continued construction of pages, currently handled by Tristan Meiselbach,
   now acting as Webmaster, which includes the following tasks:
     a) Constructing additional needed "button pages," which direct users to
        the proper "text pages."
     b) Constructing "text pages," including putting the "text" on the page.
     c) Downloading the entire site, for backup purposes, periodically, and
         i) Sending two copies to me, one of which I send to my sister, and
         ii) Sending one copy to Carolyn Meiselbach, and
         iii) Keeping one copy for himself, in case any computers crash.
2) Continued maintenance of "text," currently handled by Bob Zolnerzak, which
   includes the following tasks:
     a) Generating files of "text," currently consisting of RTF files which
        result from WORD6 "saves" of the WordPerfect5.1 files described on the
        first page of HistoryB.
     b) Creating a "map page," distributing file-names to button pages.
        For example, file GP "text" goes onto the yet-to-be-generated PRIVATE
        text page, reached by the PRIVATE button on the Sexual button page.
     c) Editing current files for transmission to Tristan.
     d) Downloading current files, for backup purposes, periodically, and
          i) Sending a copy to Rita, with a downloaded copy of the website,
          ii) Sending copies to Tristan and Carolyn, keeping one myself.
3) Backup maintenance of site, performed by Carolyn as follows:
     a) Executing instructions on my "If I don't come back" page, which she
        test-executed once, to save my current files if I don't come back.
     b) Receiving and saving backup site-downloads [1) c) ii), above].
     c) Receiving and saving backup current files [2) d) ii), above].
     d) Finding a replacement Webmaster if Tristan can no longer do it.
4) Stand-by maintenance of site, performed by Rita as follows:
     a) Receiving and saving backup current files and site-downloads [2) d)
        i), above].
     b) Finding a replacement Webmaster if Tristan and Carolyn can no longer
        do it.

Tristan and Carolyn and Rita are encouraged to edit this memo as they see fit; for example, how often should "periodically" be?

I'll send this memo in RTF so Tristan can add it to HistoryB, after editing. Of course, everyone will let me know if this causes any problems.


RTF FILES, with * for those in AR, and (descriptions of what they contain in JV)


ACT 1247K Actualism (A1-A6)
ACTL 1042K Actualism lessons (AC1-AC5)
ADREAMS 665K 6/3/63-3/25/79: Autobiography: Dreams (AD1-AD3)
* AHB 850K Acid House unsent (AH33)
ALISTS  237K Lists (AL1-AL2)
DDREAMS 440K 6/3/79 on (D1-D2)
* FNOV1 364K Future Novel/Gain
GORGY  755K Gay: Orgies, Baths, Tsi-Dun (GO1-GO3)
GPEOPLE 781K Gay: People (GP1-GP4)
GSELF  476K Gay: Self (GS1-GS2)
INTER  401K Interlardings (I1-I2)
* JA 798K Journal 1958-1968
* JB 711K Journal 1969
* JC 842K Journal 1970
* JD 552K Journal 1971
* JE 919K Journal 1972
* JF 691K Journal 1973
* JG 965K Journal 1974
* JH 910K Journal 1975
* JI 892K Journal 1976
* JJ 896K Journal 1977
* JK 863K Journal 1978
JOHN 1031K John (J1-J5)
LEARN 1239K Learning (L1-L6)
LET 443K
* LTC 1108K Loom and others
MATTE 341K Mattachine and WSDG (M1-M2)
* MO 451K Movie-TV reviews
* NA 923K Journal 1979-1981 (NA1-NA5)
* ND 881K Nonfiction: Dance (N1)
NEW 946K Nonfiction: Essays (NE1-NE3)
* NO 864K Learning: Other
NONFIC 737K Nonfiction: Book notes (NF1-NF4)
NOTEA  894K Notebook A (after NA)
NOTEB  460K Notebook B (after NOTEA)
PGAY 764K Gay: Pairs, Groups (PG1-PG4)
PLAY 626K Various play-parts
PLCTHG 693K Autobiography: Places and Things
* SB 389K Subjective
* SC1 964K Scripsit Save File 1
* SC2 952K Scripsit Save File 2
* SC3 1103K Scripsit Save File 3
* SC4 1529K Scripsit Save File 4
* SF 904K Short Fiction
* ST 485K Straight People (ST1-ST3)
* SUBJ 897K Subjective (SUBJ-1 - SUBJ-6)
* TA 690K Travel A: Before LSD
* TB 676K US Bus Trip
* TC 359K US Bus Trip: Notes
* TE 852K India RTW
* TF 953K Other travel
* TG 1115K Ten trips: Africa - Florida
* TH 1027K Ten trips: France - Scotland
THING  703K Writing Notebooks
* TI 1376K Ten trips: Slides - Yangtze
TJ 788K Travel
TRC 426K Travel: Russia-China
TRISMEM3      8K Memo 3

JV also has TITLE1-TITLE78;     TOTAL RTF FILES = 47,104K